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Vivo Energy: 100,000 students for Road Safety Day 

As part of the Cité Zen 2017 campaign, a day dedicated to road safety will be observed on 3rd July in all primary schools. Organised by Vivo Energy Mauritius, the company that owns the Shell franchise in Mauritius, Road Safety Day will mobilize close to 100,000 students and teachers from the 318 public and private schools in Mauritius and Rodrigues. Since its first edition in 2014, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Road Safety Day has become a promising event for the Cité Zen Campaign and the school calendar. This year, all primary schools in Mauritius and Rodrigues have been invited to observe this day, the official ceremony of which will take place at Mare d’Albert Government School. This day will be marked by a series of access activities on individual and collective civic responsibility, the key to the success of any fight against road safety.

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