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Vivo Energy Youth Day: Preparing young people for their professional integration

Vivo Energy Mauritius, the company holding the Shell franchise in Mauritius, renewed, for the fifth consecutive year, its professional integration day for young people who are at the end of their studies. This workshop saw the participation of 70 college students from different institutions around Mauritius.


The major objective of this new edition of Vivo Energy Youth Day, organized at the French Institute of Mauritius, was to develop young people’s skills in interpersonal communication in order to better prepare them for the professional environment. Thanks to a comprehensive program, containing various themes and pedagogical exercises through game, college students have had the opportunity to refine their relational potential. 

Supervised by the employees of Vivo Energy Mauritius and the animators of the NGO Junior Achievement Mascareignes, the participants reflected, shared and discussed around several topics including alternative energy sources, social media and cyber security. They each received a certificate of participation at the end of the workshop.

“By organizing this professional integration day for the fifth consecutive year, we reaffirm our policy of support for young people. These exchanges and interactions are indispensable tools to ensure a successful professional integration,” said Belinda Teeroovengadum Ramtohul, Communication Manager of Vivo Energy Mauritius. She added that together with road safety and the environment, education is one of the three key pillars in the social responsibility policy of Vivo Energy Mauritius.

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