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Shell SmartClub offers an eco-friendly house to Gokool family

Shell SmartClub offers an eco-friendly house to Gokool family

The Gokool family from Rivière-du-Poste won an eco-friendly house thanks to Vivo Energy Mauritius’ Shell SmartClub campaign launched in partnership with Smart Media and Koto Mauritius. The modern and eco architectural house, whose concept allows to drastically reduce the consumption of air conditioning, will be built on a ground of 300 m2 in the region of Black River.


Bharatee Gokool’s participation ticket, which she obtained at Beau-Climat Shell station, was drawn out as winner of the eco-friendly house at the lucky draw which took place at the headquarters of the Mauritius Turf Club on January 16th. 

“The new year has begun with a pleasant surprise for my little family. We are excited to experience and live in an eco-friendly house. Although I constantly teased my husband by repeating that I was going to win this house, I could not believe my ears when the good news was announced to us,” said Bharatee Gokool, an employee at the Sugar Industry Labour Welfare Fund.

By collaborating with Smart Media and Koto Mauritius for this latest edition of the Shell SmartClub loyalty program, Vivo Energy Mauritius wanted to offer the public the chance to win a roof while promoting environmental protection. In fact environment preservation and protection is one of the three priorities of its Vivo Energy’s community investment policy.

“This campaign was a great success because of its social and environmental dimension. By offering this accommodation, Vivo Energy Mauritius is proud to contribute to the realization of one of the most valuable dreams a family can have,” uttered Kiran Juwaheer, Managing Director of Vivo Energy Mauritius.

Based on the ecological principle, the house will be built with walls made of flame resistant and fiber reinforced materials. Empty cores in the walls will be filled with reinforced concrete to form a set of columns and beams that will make the construction much stronger than conventional masonry.

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