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Vivo Energy launches film on Road Safety Day

Vivo Energy launches film on Road Safety Day Kiran Juwaheer with students of Mare d’Albert GS.

On the occasion of the Road Safety Day, which took place on Monday 3 July, Vivo Energy Mauritius launched the “The Word to the Children” (La Parole aux Enfants) film. 


Vivo Energy Mauritius, the company holding the Shell franchise in Mauritius, organised the fourth edition of Road Safety Day in all primary schools in Mauritius and Rodrigues on Monday 3 July. On this occasion, a testimonial film entitled “The Word to the Children” (La Parole aux Enfants) was launched and screened in the country's 318 schools. This initiative, supported by the Ministry of Education, is part of Cité Zen project, a road safety awareness campaign targeting children and young people.

Mr. J. Ramjeet, Head Master of Mare d’Albert GS (Centre), together with Kiran Juwaheer,

Managing Director of Vivo Energy Mauritius (Left) and Mrs R. Koomar, Director of the

Primary and Pre-Primary Section of the Ministry of Education.

Directed by Vivo Energy Mauritius, the film is a succession of comments from schoolchildren on the basic principles of road safety and the dangers that are incurred if they are not respected. Participants relate what they see while driving on the roads and also give testimonials about the behavior of the adult users around them. “The Word to the Children” (La Parole aux Enfants) can be viewed on YouTube, via the Facebook page of Vivo Energy Mauritius and on the Cité Zen website.

Kiran Juwaheer, Managing Director of Vivo Energy Mauritius, distributing quiz papers

“For this fourth edition of Road Safety Day, we wanted to mark the occasion with the launch of a short civic education film. This document perfectly espouses the vision of Cité Zen which is to encourage young people to be actors in the fight for road safety,” explained Kiran Juwaheer, Managing Director of Vivo Energy Mauritius. “By targeting young people as part of our road safety awareness program, we aim to make them more responsible on our roads not just today but also as adults of tomorrow,” says Belinda Teeroovengadum-Ramtohul, Communications Manager of Vivo Energy Mauritius. She added that together with the environment and education, road safety is one of the three key pillars of the petroleum company's social responsibility policy.

Students of Mare d’Albert Government School presenting their mini play on road safety.

This day dedicated to road safety in schools was also marked by a national quiz to grades 4 and 5 pupils. Through a booklet, they answered a series of seven questions on road safety. The winner in each school, who will be selected through a lucky drawn, will participate in a national selection. The winner of the contest will enable his/her school to win a prize of Rs 50,000, funded by Vivo Energy Mauritius, to set up a school upgrading project.

The official launching ceremony of Road Safety Day 2017 took place at Mare d'Albert Government School. Officials from the Ministry of Education and representatives of Vivo Energy Mauritius gathered around the students and staff of the school for the occasion. The ceremony ended with a mini play, presented by about ten students, on road safety. It was also a first for the students to see a tank truck in their school yard. Vivo Energy Mauritius employees demonstrated the importance of being careful and visible by the truck driver, especially truck drivers on the road.

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