Salon de la Famille et la SantÉ: All set to conquer your heart

Par Nafissah Fakun O commentaire
Salon de la Famille et la SantÉ: All set to conquer your heart

We are just one week before the most awaited 5th Edition of the “Salon de la Famille et la Sante” (Family and Health Expo) presented by Event Plus and organised by Radio Plus in collaboration with Le Defi Media Group with the support of the Ministry of Health. Families will be able to enjoy the festive fair at Mer Rouge on the 21, 22 and 23 April. 

This year, Events Plus is once more innovating for its health and family annual fair. The focus this year will be more on health for a blossoming family life. According to the Group Communication Manager, Bruno La Charmante, the chosen theme for this year is “a healthy family” as health is a priority in all families. “Mauritians are increasingly concerned about their wellbeing. A family that is healthy, will be a happy family. At the fair, we will provide everything required for a family to be in good health,” he states. He invites the public to visit the fair with their family and children as surprises await them.

Free health screening 

During the three days, various stakeholders involved in health and wellness will be showcasing their services and products. Several subjects will be tackled to raise awareness about the benefits of a healthy and appropriate diet, hygiene and good habits, among others. As fitness is a key element of wellbeing, the expo will include fitness, wellness and beauty exhibitors. 

Mathieu Opticians will offer free tests to detect visual disturbances and advise on the best solution for each individual. Clinique des Varices will also do free screening and the expert will advice people who are at risk of developing varicose veins. Several associations will also be involved, including The Cancer Association, Lizie dans La Main and Ti Diams.

Additionally, representatives of the Ministry of Health will be present at the fair during these three days to raise awareness of the good habits so as to enjoy a good health. When we refer to health, we cannot forget screening. A multitude of free tests will be offered at the fair, including eyes, diabetes and hypertension. Activities to practice to stay in shape will also be presented, including the health courses available in Mauritius. 

Kid Zone

A special kid zone will be set up. Children can enjoy themselves with the different games organised. They can also enjoy pony rides. In all each family member can find something for themselves.  

Weetabix: Promotional offers 

Weetabix is the main sponsor of the fair. Visitors will thus be able to discover the various Weetabix range of products, as well as their nutritional products. This event will focus on health and visitors will be able to discover the many benefits of Weetabix cereals and the reasons why they are advised for breakfast. Rich in fibre, Weetabix cereals help digestion and help fight nibbling.

Cereals are one of the essential foods of Weetabix. In addition, the public will also be able to discover other brands such as Nutella, Kinder and Arnott's, Shapes biscuits, Wescobee and M&M's chocolates. Visitors will be also entitled to free tasting during these three days. Throughout the three days, Weetabix cereals will be on offer, including the Weetabix Mini's and Weetabix chocolate cereals, which children prefer. Moreover, a Kinder Village will be arranged to entertain the children as well as the M & M Caravan which returns this year again. And on the occasion of Easter there will be an egg hunt. The winners will return with gifts during these three days. Promotional offers will be applied to certain products during the fair. 

Phydra: 50% discount 

The public will be able to dive into a fragrant ocean at the Phydra stand with a variety of perfumes for men and ladies. This year, three new perfumes have been introduced for the gentlemen and five new perfumes for the ladies. The visitors will also be mesmerized by wide range of cosmetic products. There will be products for the face and hands as well as for the cleansing and hydration of the skin. The ladies will be amazed by the wide range of make up products. Phydra will be offering 50% discount on all of its products at the fair.

Additional information

The fair will be open to the public from 21 to 23 April from 10 am to 6 pm on Friday and from 10 am to 7 pm on Saturday and Sunday. The entrance will be at Rs 25 for adults and free for children under 12 years. Shuttle buses will also be made freely available to the public at Gare du Nord, Gare Victoria and Rose Hill Traffic Centre.