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New Year at work

While most Mauritians have already booked their favourite places and plans to celebrate New Year’s eve, others will be on duty. How is it like working while others will be having fun? Meet some of our compatriots who will be on that day.  For some, it will be their first New Year at work while for others, they are used to it.

Deepak Ramchurn, Firefighter: “A pride to be at the service of citizens”

Deepak Ramchurn (in Main photo-1) works as firefighter. In his 10 years of service, this will be the second time he will be on duty on New Year’s Eve. “We basically start work as from 16:00 hrs. Once at work, we check the trucks and all the equipments. After the routine check up, most of the time we engage ourselves in outdoor activities like volley ball and football. Around 19:00 hrs, we often plan a common meal where we will have a get together with all our colleagues. We would also seize this opportunity to share our experiences during the whole year with each other,” he explains. If there has not been any emergency, when midnight strikes, the fire crew would call their family and friends to wish them. For Deepak Ramchurn, the workplace is like his second home. “It is very rarely that we got to celebrate New Year with our colleagues, so it is a pleasure for us to be with each other on this special day. We do miss our family but our fraternity love makes us overcome the sadness,” Deepak points out. He is a proud firefighter who feels happy that he is able save people’s life.

Keshia Sinivassagan, Trainee cook: “I have conditioned myself to work odd and irregular hours”

Keshia is actually a trainee cook at Le Mauricia Beachcomber Hotel. It is the first time that she will not celebrate her New Year with her family and friends. Ambitious as she is, Keshia is very devoted to her work and is conscious of the sacrifice she has to make. “Being in the hotel industry, I have conditioned myself to working odd and irregular hours. A hotel operates 7/7 and 24 hours a day. The month of December is peak time, as the hotel is fully booked. There is a degree of sacrifice as not being present with family at home to celebrate New Year’s Eve but for me, Le Mauricia team is not less than my family members. I will be surrounded with by my colleagues and will experience the atmosphere that prevails during this special day at work,” she says. Keshia is expecting the night of 31st December to be magical and captivating. “There will a frantic pace of work to ensure customer’s satisfaction at all times. Being my 1st experience working with Le Mauricia team during this festive season, it will enhance my confidence to handle hectic workloads and create a strong team spirit. With the laughter of clients reverberating in each corner and with a smile on each team member’s face. The hotel will be marvellously decorated and chocolate gift boxes being shared among staff and customers,” she points out.

Jason Arekion, Nurse at Chisty Shifa Clinic: “My work primes over all things”

Jason Arekion (in Main photo-2)  works as nurse at Chisty Shifa Clinic. This will his first New Year at work.  Though he misses celebrating New Year with his family, he considers that serving sick people is his priority. “I am a bit sad that I will be away from the family but my work primes over all other things. Being at the service of patients will give me as much happiness as I would have celebrated this special day with dear ones,” Jason Arekion says. He will start his shift as from 17:00 hrs and once on duty, he will be at the service of patients. If the opportunity props up, he will wish his family and friends, else he will wish them the following day. Jason Arekion has been by the side of the Chisty Shifa Clinic team for one and a half year.
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