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Maya Rabbat Masson : Elevating Businesses Through Coaching

A Business and Executive Coach since eight years, Maya Rabbat Masson works with CEOs, business owners, managing directors of different industries in view of sharpening their leadership skills and in getting the best out of their teams. Originally a Lebanese, she has now settled in Mauritius after getting married to a native.

Maya Rabbat Masson defines the profession of coaching as conversations with the client to bring clarity in business and life and for the person to achieve the desired outcomes. “It is about assessing where the client stands today, where he wants to go and how he can get there,” she explains. As a business and executive coach, the latter designs the pathway together with her clients towards achieving their goals and most importantly, how to surmount all the surging obstacles with the right mindset. 

When asked about the benefits of coaching in personal development, Maya explains that it brings to the coachee a better understanding of himself: By exploring his potential, he can grow as an individual and as a leader. In order to become an effective coach, Maya believes that one must start mastering oneself before solving others problems. 

How it all started?

Long before she entered the world of coaching, Maya Rabbat had acquired 12 years of work experience in International Business, that is, developing businesses overseas for South African companies, and leading sales and marketing teams to success. These experiences exposed her to the reality of fast moving markets and the toxic consequences of permanent stress and change into the organizations. 

During those years, Maya Rabbat realized that she wasn’t heard enough by her management and looking around her, she understood that many of her colleagues were doing their work just for the sake of doing it. “My personal philosophy is that life is short and it is important to make the best out of it in each department of our life instead of struggling with things you don’t like,” she points out. This is where her desire of working with top management arose with the aim to get the best out of them and their team.

Then began her passion in the growth and development of the human being in business, which encouraged her to study again and to specialize in the profession of coaching. 

My personal philosophy is that life is short and it is important to make the best out of it in each department of our life instead of struggling with things you don’t like."

Making her way through the odds

At the age of 23, Maya moved on her own to South Africa which, according to her, has been her biggest achievement. It was a transformational process in her life as she began everything from scratch and made her way in a new country, new culture and learned to adapt and get the best experience despite hard times. “Having the courage to acknowledge that I wasn’t satisfied at work, having the courage to reflect and start a new career at the age of 37 was yet another achievement,” she continues. When she moved to Mauritius five years ago, engaging in the profession of coaching was another assiduous task, but she did it.  “Today, I am working with the most inspirational business people, business leaders making a positive impact in their organizations,” she states proudly.

Future plans

In spite of all the opportunities that exist abroad with the coaching business, Maya Rabbat is more optimistic about practicing in Mauritius. The reason: Mauritius is opening at a fast rate to the global market with great promises. “I strongly believe that the coaching is a positive and vital support to help Mauritian leaders to excel and perform at their best in a challenging world,” she asserts.

Zoom on her

Married to a native of Mauritius, she has a 4-year-old daughter and is the step-mother of two teenagers. Maya has a degree in International Business from HEC St Louis in Belgium. She is a certified practitioner coach at the Integral Coaching Center in Cape Town and has since been increasing her learning with extra techniques and tools on a yearly basis.

Her advice for a successful life:

Life is too short to be unhappy
Capitalize on your uniqueness and inner potential and create the life you want.  Have the courage to carry a self-introspection to see what you are doing well, to do more of it and to improve on what you are not doing well. Analysing your life may appear frightening, however, it is a must if you want to grow and change things for the better in your life.

Be the change you want to see in the world 
This advice from Mahatma Gandhi has inspired me my entire life. Changes start from within. It is only when you know your own strengths and what you can improve in yourself that you start to contribute to the world differently and positively. 

As a leader of a team, as a leader in your own life, always ask for feedback
Be humble and learn where you can become a better person. Never assume things when you don’t know. Dare to ask, when in doubt. If you have the courage to say ‘I don’t know’, you will always be open to new ideas.

Keep an appreciation notebook to celebrate life on a daily basis 
While you are aiming for big wins, acknowledge every day the small wins, as it gives a ‘feel- good factor’ and fill in your cup to have strength to face more challenges.

Never forget about time and process 
Like the birth of a baby, everything is a process. It is important to understand the notion of time in everything to bring a certain reality in the implementation and unfolding process.

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