Law and order : One of the top priorities of the new Government

Now that the electoral dust has settled down, we must roll up our sleeves to move the country ahead. A list of priorities is in the pipe-line for the new Government on the socio-economic level, especially the electoral promises which helped it to win the elections like the increase of old-age pensions, the uplifting of minimum salary, the fight against abject poverty among others to bring the country to a higher level. But one of its top priorities remains law and order which leaves a lot to be desired.

There is no denying the fact that there is an upturn in the rate of crime and violence in the country. People are killed for a trifling matter without the least thought for the consequences. There is a feeling of fright hovering in the country. There are places where it is advisable not to venture to avoid unnecessary trouble.  You have to be prudent when using your mobile or going to the bank. The jewellery on you is a lure to robbery. If you are attacked, you have no alternative than to surrender. Any resistance on your part may end up with a pitiless slash with a cutter. It is risky to drive your own car at night unless there is an urgency. Our law and order is a perpetual threat to the tourist industry. Visitors cannot move without adequate protection.

A country like ours which hinges heavily on tourism for its economy cannot afford to have a lax law and order. It can do an untold harm to that industry and dent the image of the country as a tourist resort. If we don’t set our house in order in terms of security for our visitors, we can earn the label of insecurity. The tourists will opt for other destinations where their security is guaranteed, and this will impact on our economy. This is Mauritius today ! The situation is taking a turn for the worse. And added to this « la drog pe fer ravaz dan pei. » Can we change the situation and make out society livable? It all depends on the political decisions of the Government.

The dream of the PM

We all know the dream of Pravind Jugnauth – to make Mauritius the Singapore of the Indian Ocean! To make that dream becomes a reality, you will have to toughen up the actual laws to clamp down on banditry and robbery, crime and violence, and to re-introduce Death Penalty if you want to have a drug-free society like Singapore. As Minister responsible for Internal Affairs, it is your task to see that our country has a livable society. «Prison à visage humain » must disappear to make room for a rigid prison life where the strictest minimum in terms of food and comfort is dished out. It would be futile to build up a high income society while our law and order leaves something to be desired and the people cannot enjoy their wealth.

Make law and order one of your top priorities if you want to make Mauritius the Singapore of the Indian Ocean. Otherwise, your dearest dream will evaporate « comme neige au soleil ».

Raj Paneken

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