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BMW CEO Kevin Gaskell to inspire Mauritians

Kevin Gaskell

After the success of the Shiv Khera workshop, Whitefield Business School is bringing the CEO of Porsche, BMW and Lamborghini, Kevin Gaskell, to Mauritius in October, as announced by the Executive Chairman Kevin Chuttur on Tuesday.

Recognised as one of the top 40 leaders under 40 in the UK, Kevin Gaskell will motivate and help different organisations achieve their target. According to the Director of Whitefield Business School, Subheer Ramnoruth, the philosophy of Whitefield Business School is to add value to people’s life.

Kevin Gaskell will be presenting a one-day master class on the theme “Inspiring and energizing your organisation to World Class” on 17 October 2017 at The Ravenala Attitude, Baie aux Tortues, Balaclava, as from 9.30 am. Some of the main elements that will be elaborated during the master class include the following:

• How can ordinary people achieve extraordinary results?
• Invite the team to share a journey
• Dare to dream, stimulate passion, build a legacy
• Make a positive decision to achieve extraordinary
• Every successful leader is a dreamer, not every dreamer is a successful leader!
• Commit to an extraordinary future, build belief, inspire, engage
• Adopt a healthy disregard for the impossible
• Deal with the F word, look in the scary places, get moving!
• Implement a visible process, make it easy for everyone to contribute
• Start at the end and work backwards, build vision of success
• Prioritise, prioritise, prioritise, 1 page plan
• World class is 3 dimensional, focus on being better, bigger will follow
• The magic of shared achievement
• The fun of a successful team
• Generate a culture of success, share credit, recognising heroes
• Follow the process, do not fail to be afraid, but do not be afraid to fail
• Challenge the boundaries, dare to dream, inspire a new way
• Build success, work hard and fast, have fun, build an extraordinary business
The workshop is MQA-Approved and HRDC Refundable up to 60%. The workshops materials include Certificate of Attendance, two tea breaks and a finger lunch. The price is as follows:
• VIP at Rs 15,000 with a voucher to attend Networking Cocktail with Kevin Gaskell and seated with table
• Platinum: Rs 12,000 seated with table
• Gold: Rs 9,750 seated without table.

Booking can be done on the website of Whitefield Business School.

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