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Dev Virahsawmy

Yesterday (Friday 05.08.22) I heard a political leader say that he refuses to ‘fer politik’ (indulge in politicking) for our problems are too serious and urgent. He opts for the search of what he considers to be enduring and lasting structural changes and not demagogy. Very noble, you would say. But in fact, it was a far cry. Demagogy was oozing out from every pore of his body. He came out with an avalanche of cliches and half-baked concoctions aimed at impressing NOT at enlightening.

I promise not to bore you with his ‘jare-filant’ (explosive diarrhea) but show you with one or two examples how low some people have fallen. And yet they think they can save our country, nay, the world. Suffice it to say that ideologically he is not different from the neoliberals of all the other ‘major’ political parties. He only claims that he is better.


His superficial knowledge should shock but it doesn’t in a country where ‘nenport’ is considered ingenious. Not a word on the need to replace the present staple foods (rice and wheat flour) by locally grown staple foods (breadfruit, jackfruit, cassava, potato, sweet potato, maize/corn and arrowroot). Not a word on the need to change our eating habits which are the root causes of several pathologies such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity.


He proposes a means test to reduce government spending (pensions, health, education and transport). Does he know that ‘means tests’ have been abandoned because they are very expensive on the one hand and generate corruption on the other? Moreover, they are neither fair nor efficient.


Does he know that more than 70% of our population are non-literate? A few among them can just draw their names on a piece of paper. Does he know why party symbols are found on ballot papers? What are his plans?


He claims to abhor politicking BUT this is what he did during 2 hours. The Maritime Republic of Mauritius needs political thinkers and leaders to lead us from globalisation to localisation; from ethnic politics to supra-ethnic politics; from the plundering of nature to harmony with nature. Ce n’est pas demain la veille!




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