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May Day

A major political wager

May Day will be celebrated next Wednesday across the country. A day to celebrate the struggles of workers, the 1st May has gradually turned into political arenas for politicians, who rally their respective parties to outdo each other by attempting to create the biggest crowd that may speak in their favour for the coming elections. This year’s May Day happens to fall in an electoral year. Will this be a game changer for all political parties? 

Sanjay Rajkoomar: “Mauritian organisations are still at the conceptual phase of IoT projects”

Sanjay Rajkoomar is the Director and Co-Founder of Navigation and Geocoding Technologies Ltd (Naveo), a company proposing an all-in-one platform that encompasses telematics solution, an Internet of Things (IoT) platform and a geographical information system (GIS) fully developed in Mauritius. He has extensive financial experience, having worked as group accountant and auditor in Mauritius, Africa and Europe. In this interview, he shares his views on the trend in technology, how businesses can attach new technologies to prosper in today’s challenging marketplace and how the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution will impact jobs in our country.

Climate change withering the economy

Flash floods, water accumulation and high temperature have become major concerns for Mauritius. Over the past few years, we have constantly witnessed flash floods, which brought us to our knees. Millions of rupees are being disbursed by the Government to help people affected by floods and to repair infrastructures. These kinds of extreme weather changes are putting a burden on the country’s economy. 

Samanta Bissoondyal-Ramguttee

Communicate visually through art

Samanta Bissoondyal-Ramguttee, an educator, a social observer and art critic is a born artist. She has taken the world by storm through her unique pieces of paintings. Her desire is to use her artistic skills as a means to showcase the different histories associated with Mauritius. 


Business Mauritius and MCCI lead the game

Socio-economic stakeholders had until last week to submit their budget proposals. Business Mauritius and the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI), two leading private sector lobbies, have submitted their memorandums containing a host of economic and social measures. Among their proposals likely to trigger debates, there is the demand for lowering the Corporate Tax to 5% and the selective targeting of old age pension.

Abhishek Sadaphul

A young Mauritian engineer contributes in setting up the A330neo

Recently, Mauritius acquired the new A330neo. It has without doubt captured the attention and hearts of many people. We all know that the new carrier will benefit the country. But very few know that one of our young Mauritian talents, Abhishek Sadaphul, has contributed enormously in the engine Trent 7000 fitted in the plane from its first phases of testing to the engine and aircraft being certified and delivered to the airlines. The young man is a Performance Lead Engineer at the prestigious British company Rolls-Royce PLC.

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