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End-of-year festivities

Essential to exert maximum caution

End-of-year season is the period where lots of money is in circulation with the bonus and pension benefits being paid, sales and promotional campaigns everywhere to attract customers and alluring offers to invest money. In addition, as festive events and gatherings are frequent, incidents are also on the rise. Precautionary measures thus become a must at all levels.

Ganessen Chinnapen : “Mauritius needs a National Planning Commission to implement plans for all traditional sectors”

Our national debt seems to be skyrocketing while our main sectors are not faring well. With what looks like a dwindling financial system, Ganessen Chinnapen, Development Economist, shares his views on the economy with News on Sunday.


Barriers to growth and development

Official figures from the United Nations point out that every year, $1 trillion is paid in bribes and in developing countries, as per the UNDP, funds lost to corruption are estimated at 10 times the amount of official development assistance. If this is the case, then it is alarming for Mauritius, which has a score of 51 out of 100 on the Corruption Perceptions Index. For a country having the aim to be among the high income level, corruption can be a major barrier. How far corruption affecting our economy is a major issue?

Pension and year-end bonus

Impact on consumption and the economy

December is a much-awaited month of the year for traders as it is a last chance to do good business. This year-end period will see a huge money supply in circulation. In addition to the traditional end-of-year bonus payable to all workers, there is also the payment of the double pension this December, after the substantial increase. But what will be the impact on consumption and the economy?

International Model United Nations Competition in Malaysia

Mauritian team sets the bar high

The Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology sent its six best delegates from National Model United Nations (NMUN) to compete at the International Model United Nations, which took place in Malaysia. Five of them won individual awards in their commissions: Best Position Paper, Most Outstanding Delegate, Honourable Mention for Best Delegate, Outstanding Judge and Best Judge. Being the only country to do so well, the team also won the award for Best Delegation. News on Sunday met the team which made our country’s name shine in Malaysia.

Abeenaaz Janally

Young globe-trotter enriches her life through travelling

Abeenaaz Janally is an Urdu teacher at Mahatma Gandhi SSS in Flacq, author and a YouTuber. Her greatest passion is to travel and explore other countries in the world. Among the countries she has visited are France, Reunion, England, Central Europe, Reunion, Rodrigues, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, Russia and Turkey.




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