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Salon de l’Agriculture: Head to Mahebourg for great deals this weekend

Salon de l’Agriculture: Head to Mahebourg for great deals this weekend

The much awaited second edition of the Salon de l’Agriculture is taking place this weekend at the Sir Gaetan Duval esplanade at the Mahebourg Waterfront. The fair is organised by the Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security in context of the World Food Day, in collaboration with Radio Plus. Entrance is free.


“Developing agriculture which is free of pesticides in order to fight against global warming.” This is the message and the objective of the Ministry of Agro-Industry through the organisation of the grand Salon de l’Agriculture. Held at Domain Les Pailles last weekend, the Salon is now taking place this Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd October at the Sir Gaetan Duval esplanade at Mahebourg Waterfront.

Whether you are a professional in the agriculture sector, you have a passion for plants or you are looking forward to buy healthy products, the Salon has something for every taste and budget. 235 exhibitors will be present and will be selling various products at promotional prices among organic and endemic plants, food products, crafts, garden and agriculture equipments. 

Among the food products are seafood and fish from Hassen Taher Seafoods Ltd offering 70% promotion, Basmati Rice from State Trading Corporation (STC), cassava products by Maniodix, poultry products by Innodis Ltd, ‘Secret Grand-mère’ medicinal herbs by Anooradah Poorun. The public will also have the occasion to discover new brands and products.

Among organic products you will discover a variety of hydroponic vegetables of Field Good brand. Produced by ENL Agribusiness, the vegetables such as tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers are grown above the ground. According Lorenzo Pierre, Sales Coordinator at ENL, hydroponic products have less pesticide. At the stand of Smart Agriculture, you will also get useful information on how to reduce pesticide use in food crops. Golden Valley, situated at Vacoas, will also offer advice for greenhouse cultivation as well as Food and Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (FAREI). 

If you want to detoxify your food products, have a look at the Caffrine Délices’s device to detoxify food. From Japanese origin and manufactured in Malaysia, the device can remove pesticide residues in vegetables, fertilisers, toxins in fish or even growth hormones in chicken. 

Indeed, not only a one-stop shop for buying fresh vegetables, plants, flowers among others at promotional prices, the Salon is also offering the public the opportunity to discover new methods of agriculture which are adapted to the effects of climate change. In fact a section of the Salon is dedicated to this: protected cultivation, rainwater harvest, composting, machineries and agricultural equipments and demonstration on the nets pose for the protection of fruits. 

The Forestry Department of the Ministry will give presentations on Agro-Forestry in order to encourage farmers to integrate trees in their plantations. Endemic plants will be also exhibited at the stand of the Forestry Department and plants such as the ebony will be on sale. Regarding garden and agriculture machinery and equipments, you will find devices from Growers Home Machineries, Irrigation Authority, Honda, Vergo. For bio farming, visit the stands of Roger Fayd’herbe & Co Ltd, Solid Waste Recycling, Blychem among others. 

The Salon is open from 10:00 hr until 18:00 hr. Entrance is free. Shuttles are available from Victoria Station, Port Louis and Rose Hill Station.


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