Justice: A call for Capital Punishment

Imagine a world where there is no fear of being a victim of atrocious crimes. Imagine a world where the judicial system is more effective and efficient. To me life is sacred. Capital punishment is the legal process that ends the life of a convicted criminal. It is lawful punishment prescribed by the law. In present day society, the death penalty garners a lot of attention and controversy. The arguments for and against the practice are based on a combination of factors, including morality, practicality, religion and emotions. In Mauritius, the death penalty was abolished in 1995, but, is still provided for as a lawful punishment under the Constitution. Therefore, a simple act of parliament can reintroduce the death penalty in our sentencing provisions. Capital Punishment was used for heinous crimes such as murder and drugs trafficking. Our judicial system has often come under criticism for being too lenient with regards to murder and rape cases which touch the public moral and sensitivity. The latest case in line is the double murder at Camp de Masque where the public has requested, via social media platforms the reintroduction of capital punishment as they see no other fitting punishment for such crimes. I am a proponent of the reinstatement of capital punishment in Mauritius. Although an extreme function, capital punishment should be applied for the worst cases. Atrocious crimes are being committed cold bloodedly and families of the victims suffer enormously. If this cannot be controlled, society will be full of chaos and evil. Nowadays, criminals are no longer scared of the prison system. Instead, some might actually be better off in prison, where they are housed, fed and offered other facilities such as the possibility to study or practice sports. The arguments in favour of the death penalty in general, focus on the ability to prevent crime, the assurance that a convicted murderer will never kill again and providing justice for victims and their relatives. There is also the question of Human Rights that often arises but what about victims’s rights? What happen to Human Rights in that situation? Innocent people have the right to be safe from hardened criminals. Many people who oppose capital punishment believe that the judicial system itself is not free from defects, which creates the possibility of executing an innocent person. In that case, if innocent people are being executed, it is not the law that should be accountable but the judicial system of the country. There should not be any loopholes in the judicial system. We must not forget that scientific advancements and discoveries have come a long way in aiding the judicial system in its role of delivering justice. DNA testing can now establish with virtual certainty in most cases whether someone is the killer or rapist through the presence of their DNA in body fluid, hairs, fingerprints amongst others. Capital punishment will act as a deterrent of crimes in the sense that criminals who are planning to do an illegal act would think twice before committing it.  This will also pre-condition the mind of the potential offender that they will be executed for whatever bad monstrous action they intend to do. There should also be a fair justice. If the lives of others are taken so easily and without second thought,, then it is only logical that the culprits must pay with their lives. Killing an innocent person is a clear violation of the law of the land. It is only fair and practical that a criminal who commits a felony shall be destroyed. There is  NO exception, if you violate the law to kill someone, then you also have no authority to exercise your rights. Equal justice for the victim and the offender must be served without any fear or favour. Capital punishment should remain one of the main punishment for serious criminals  whose behaviour is incurable.  Each offence against law should be dealt with an appropriate sentence and death sentence is appropriate for people who commit serious wrong done with irreversible consequences to the victim. It will also make sure that others are discouraged to follow in that path.  Every human being’s life deserves respect of the highest order and no one is authorized to murder or rape. We admire and value life, more than ever, but for those who mercilessly take the life or the honour of any innocent, has got no place in our peace loving society.

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