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World of Education : earn a Certificate with Online Courses

Age is no bar for those who have a zeal for studies. Who wants to learn about something specific? Usually, when the topic of education crops up, the resources are endless in the world of internet, with high quality content available completely free of cost.

In Mauritius, online courses are not that famous among students. They are aware of these courses but most of them have never tried them seriously as an opportunity to earn a real certificate. The best part is that you can learn from prestigious Universities like Harvard, Oxford, Yale, MIT, Cambridge, among a host of others, which is like a dream come true for many. Sometimes, the online courses are free and for some others, you will have to pay a nominal fee. 

Today, certificates are important to make your resume stronger and increase the chance of getting a job. What if you can earn a certificate online without spending a single penny? Yes, it is very much possible. Mauritius has very good internet speed, which can be utilized for better purposes for life. 

Those interested can take free or paid online courses from the world’s finest universities. Courses vary from art, science and commerce, technology, data, coding, painting and so on.  Just name any course and you can find it online, where world class faculties are teaching the basics as well as advanced courses. There are thousands of courses available that can match your interests. You’ll get a Certificate of Completion, too. Sometimes, they may ask for a few dollars for verified certificates. 

So let’s get introduced to the world of online education properly, which can provide an opportunity for school dropouts to achieve a highly appreciated certificate for free. But the key is you have to do sincere efforts to earn one. It can also be an option for senior citizens to earn new knowledge and engage themselves productively. 

Finding a website

There are thousands of websites offering free and paid online courses. Choose the famous and known websites that partners with different world class universities to deliver courses. Find out if your chosen field of study is available there. If you are not sure about which course you are going to pursue, then examine the area wise complete list. Study the details of chosen courses. Module, duration, fees if any, among others. Find out if they are providing verified certificates. Study the details completely before registering for the course. Courses are divided into mainly two categories: Extra-curricular and academics. 

How these courses work

You are asked to register and enroll for a course. When classes begin online, this would be followed by tests sporadically, and you will be graded. You will also be asked to submit assignments and problem sets for which you will also be graded, too. Some of these problem sets and assignments have deadlines while others don’t. Timely submission of problem sets and assignments will get you more score and a good grade. You are asked to take a final examination for which you will be given a certificate with your respective grade. Remember, certificates will only be awarded if you succeed with an optimal score which is set by the university or academy offering the course. Some universities offer a verified certificate for a little sum but everyone will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

Type of module

Sometimes, the course material is always available online so that you can cover it according to your time and pace. After you have covered all the available videos and course material, you will be asked to take tests, which will be followed by a Certificate of Completion. The student needs to be motivated to complete the course, respect the schedules and deadlines. A module has a specific time for lectures and you have to attend the lecture online on the given time. These kinds of modules have a specific time frame for attending classes and completing the course. It is like a virtual classroom where students are attending the class from all around the world. You can also ask questions and talk to fellow students on any given topic. But the issue can be the time difference when the lectures are conducted. Therefore, students need to be careful when selecting the coursework, considering the time zones and their level of interest.


Besides free certificates or Certificates of Completion, sometimes you will also receive a sharable electronic Course Certificate, However, when it comes to verified certificate, you may have to pay a few dollars. 

Site in different fields

There are a few sites which are dedicated to one specific area of study, like Codecademy, a website dedicated specifically to teaching coding, and UDACITY which offers courses, all of which are in science and math-related topics.

Some known websites

  • Stanford online
  • (oxford)
  • Udemy
  • Udacity
  • Khan Academy
  • TED-ED
  • MIT OpenCourseWare

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