The scourge of drugs

Par Guest . O commentaire

Drugs are very harmful to our youngsters, parents do not have much time to give to their child and there is not enough education being done on the issue of drugs. Thus, many of our youngsters are falling prey to this scourge. Some people try drugs as they are very curious to know about the taste or what is it in reality, while some youths take drugs as they are stressed or have financial problems.

A youngster becomes more susceptible to experimentation and thereafter establishes use of illicit drugs as a result of social problems. It is very important to prevent our youngsters to fall in such a dilemma. I think it is high time to educate every child about this problem; preventive sessions must be carried out in schools and colleges. Today, NGOs or other association do not have access to state schools or colleges to talk about drugs; this must change. I believe that all stakeholders must come together on a common platform to fight against this problem.

Parents must devote more time to their children and support must be given to all drug abuse victims. The Mauritian specificities of being a multi-cultural society with intrinsic values have to be considered. While waywardness is to be curbed, as it is proscribed by most religious teachings, the interests of minorities should also be considered. Reference is hereby being made to the Rastafarians who consider it a religious ritual to consume weeds and who are rather of non-violent disposition.

Mirzaad Ramjaun