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Reception for Laureates 2018

Laureates 2018

A reception was held at the Château du Réduit on Thursday 4th April in honour of the 45 laureates of the Higher School Certificate of year 2018. During her speech, the Minister of Education underlined that a simple undergraduate degree is no longer enough for the world of work. Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun once again appealed to the State scholars to return home after studying abroad. “Working for the evolution of the country should be a leap of faith on your part. It’s not a cliché to ask you to come home after studying abroad,” she told the laureates. For the Minister of Education, “the laureates should be able to think outside the box.” 

The Prime Minister, on his side, encouraged the laureates to engage into community service. “I am convinced that Mauritius will remain your home. You are the ambassadors of the country,” uttered Pravind Jugnauth. He advised the students to choose a career while seizing the opportunity to serve the country. “I encourage you to be innovative entrepreneurs. We are confident that you will take full advantage of the IT tool for research.... Government offers students many opportunities for studies. Our goal is to transition our economy into the fourth industrial revolution,” he said.

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