Raksha  signifies protection, while Bandhan means bond. Celebrated in all parts of the world, including Mauritius, this festival is about the « bond of protection » connecting brothers and sisters. Symbolized by a rakhi -  thread tied to the right wrist of the brother -, it should be simple, not extravagant. What matters is the love, care and affection expressed during that ritual.

Social bonding

In times when some brothers do not hesitate to harm their sisters or molest them, the Raksha Bandhan Festival is a reminder of the sacred nature of the relationship between two persons. Raksha Bandhan is not only a one-day celebration. It is a life-long promise by the brother to the sister to protect her. In return, the sister shows her respect, love and affection to the brother and prays for his well-being.

Sisters offer prayers before tying the rakhi. In most cases, the rakhi ritual takes place after the morning prayers. But given that Raksha Bandhan is not a public holiday, brothers and sisters have to arrange a mutually convenient time as this is a way of sharing joy with the family.

The sister begins by marking the forehead of the brother with the tilak, a white or red dot on the forehead. She then ties the rakhi on his right wrist and performs the Arti. Flowers are gently thrown on the brother in guise of blessings, followed by sharing of sweets and gifts.

Raksha Bandhan has also a direct link with the Shravani Mahotsav Festival.

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