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Pravind Jugnauth optimistic regarding unemployment rate

The Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth is confident that his government will end year 2018 with the lowest unemployment rate. “I have no doubt that we will continue to lower the unemployment rate in Mauritius. This year we will finish at 6.9%. This is the lowest rate for several years,” he said in a statement during the inauguration of the National Cooperative College in Bois Marchand, Terre Rouge on Thursday. Pravind Jugnauth recalled the measure announced in the last Budget concerning investments in the order of Rs 1 billion to counter unemployment. 

The Prime Minister also stated that he is very pleased to see that the cooperative sector is becoming more diversified. “The government will provide technical and fiscal financial support to people who want to embark on entrepreneurship. It’s a good way to democratize the economy. We are creating opportunities, but people need to come forward,” he uttered.