Huawei: 50 Students Completed the Training Program


For this 7th edition of "Huawei Seeds for the Future" in Mauritius, 50 students from 6 universities took part in the 8-days training program to discover a growing digital ecosystem.

Huawei Mauritius hosted its 7th edition of Seeds for the Future Program. In collaboration with HUAWEI’s partnered ICT Academies, 50 outstanding students were selected amongst all applications. To date, more than 250 undergraduates of engineering have participated in the Mauritius Seeds for the Future program. Numerous Seeds students have become professionals at Huawei and its partners, driving the digitalization of the country.

Students discover cross-culture, Taiji and the art of Tea

For this 7th edition, students took part in the 8-days training program from 29th May to 5th June. Those students were selected from the 6 tertiary institutions on the island that subscribed to the Huawei ICT Academy, namely, University of Mauritius (UOM), the University of Technology (UTM), the African Leadership College (ALC), Middlesex University Mauritius, Curtin University and University des Mascareignes. Students had the opportunity to discover Cross-cultural sharing that includes history, culture, and civilization and immerse themselves in the digital economy on dedicated online learning platforms. To learn about the product design and problem solutions through a virtual visit to China’s companies, understand the realization path to success.


During the training program, 5 teams formed by Mauritian students participated in Tech4Good global competition, one winner team from Southern Africa Region will have the opportunity to travel to Huawei’s head quarter in Shenzhen participating the Global Final Competition.

Ankshita Maunthrooa (the 2nd from the left) and her team won Tech4Good competition in the global context
Ankshita Maunthrooa (the 2nd from the left) and her team won Tech4Good competition in the global context

“The Seeds for the Future program is an exceptional stage, it helped me think and grow personally. The team work with participants from different universities made my team win the Tech4Good competition, it was the best experience of my life!” Shared by Ankshita Maunthrooa, information Systems students from University of Mauritius with excitement.

“The program not only exposes me to the latest technology in market but also allow me to apply what I learned in university to industry. I cannot wait to run into my career in the near future.” added by Ankshita

Professor. Yashwansingh Surnam, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at University of Mauritius, congratulated the selected students at the opening ceremony held recently. “Technology plays a crucial role in education and capacity building, digitalization is not an option but an adaptation for all. The Seeds for the Future program is an opportunity to engineering students who wish to join ICT sector. Congratulations to the participants from University of Mauritius and other universities, wish you all make most of this opportunity, embrace the latest technology with the facility provided by Huawei. Together drive the digitalization in the country”. 


"The purpose of the Seeds for The Future program is to create opportunities for Mauritius young talent to learn from the professionals, quickly adopt themselves in the industry, and explore themselves with many opportunities in their careers." Said Mr. Zheng Kui, CEO of Huawei Mauritius. “For our company, I look forward more students can join our company and our partners, bring innovative ideas and drive the ICT development in Mauritius.” Zheng Kui added.

RAMDINEE ADITYA, Seeds student of the Program in 2017 recently participated the Summit organized by Mauritius Emerging Technology Council (METC) on the 26th May at Le Meridien, Pointe aux Piment, presenting 5G Business Use Cases. "To meet the challenges in today’s world, we must develop our technological culture and confront ourselves with the latest innovations. Seeds for the Future program was an inspiration for me, led who I am today. I look forward to discuss innovative ideas with my future colleagues from Seeds program 2023.” Aditya commended on the 2023 Program. 


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