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Why do opposition parties, leaders and members have such an infatuation for commissions of enquiry? Please note that the same parties, leaders and members never toy with this device when in power. WHY?

A commission of enquiry is a time, energy and resource consuming activity whose findings and conclusions, though not legally binding, may be highly influential. People in power think it is either a waste of time or an efficient form of delaying tactic; the same people, when in opposition, find in it a good and, at times, a powerful means to titillate our yen for the gossipy and the sensational.


Instead of commissions of enquiry to look into issues which can easily be dealt with by a departmental enquiry, let us have commissions of enquiry on vital issues which governments and oppositions prefer to shy away from.

•    ON FOOD SECURITY: - 1. How to replace imported staples by home grown ones? 2. How to produce meat without releasing methane? 3. How to produce seafood in a green environment? 4. How to promote healthy eating and combat diabetes and obesity?

•    ON LITERACY: - Why do we need party symbols on our ballot papers? Why is our literacy rate so low when billions are spent every year? What is to be done?

•    ON NATIONAL IDENTITY: - How to develop a supra-ethnic national identity alongside ethnic loyalties?


If you are still keen on petty enquiries, let’s have a commission of enquiry on commissions of enquiry.




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