Artist world without sponsors

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Artist world

Mauritius is an artistic society. At schools, kids start their first day with colours and these colours stay with them for all their life.

In spite of being very good in art, youngsters choose other careers due to compulsion of living as art does not provide much career opportunities on the island. Even when they choose other careers, still art remains in every Mauritian’s heart. But this is internet era and if you have some spark then land doesn’t stop it. You are an international person when it comes to art. So here are some platforms which will not only appreciate your art but also invest in your art without the pressure of sponsorship.

In early days, kings use to call artists from around the world and use to honour the best ones. In those days art was not for sale. Then came the days when artists started to sell their talent for living. Next came the buyers who started telling artists what they want to buy. Then came the sponsors who told artists they will tell them what to create.

It is hard for a creative mind to hear “I will tell you how to take the steps”. But that’s how sponsorship works. It is never like you can ask for cash from a sponsor; you first have to give them what they want. But how about a “creative world free from sponsorship”. Yes, it sounds too optimistic but yes it is true and it has started. A world where you will be paid to create what you believe in and will be paid by those who believe in you.

A parallel world has been created where people understand that if you want to save art then you have to save the artist. So they save the artist and the artist saves the art. There is also a different angle to the story. Due to undue pressure of livelihood on artists, art is not coming out in its full beauty.

So how about some angels taking care of your livelihood and you can then concentrate solely on your creation. These angels are called by different names. Some call them patrons, some call them backers, some fans, followers and some by other names but they all are there to save artists.

As they say, “An idea is to bring a creative project to life”. You will see the presence of all types of artists on these platforms from a very famous to an unknown. For their own different reasons. Some are on these platforms to avoid sponsors and some are here because they don’t have any sponsors. But one thing is common in every artist: that is independence. Freedom to create what they feel, so the best can come out. They are here to fund the patience, as the fruit of patience is always sweet.

You may not know these people and they don’t know you personally but here everyone talks in the language of art. They love your art and so they love you and support you.

By Savita Tiwari