Women in politics do not mean emancipation

Women in politics

There have always been discrepancies between gender parity and fairness. Women have since centuries crafted themselves to be the best fit for whatever they undertake. Most of us fail to acknowledge that the sole root of human creation is driven by a woman who is able to conceive.

We have all our distinct personality traits and behaviours. Irrespective of ethnicity, culture and race, a woman remains the humane entity which safeguards bonds and invisible links.

Women shall always be the sole example of how to acknowledge fitting into different families whilst accepting differences and march on to create and aspire for more. Be it as a family person who hits the ground from dawn to dusk, a lady at work is part of more than 500 million adolescent girls living in the developing countries today.

Every one of them can potentially help break the cycle of inter generational poverty, with ripple effects multiplying across her society. It is solely the responsibility of each and every one to accept that the moment a girl is born, she is someone who can aspire for escalating the whole family to the next level.

Women in politics do not mean emancipation, for they are born to lead, born to manage, born to bring out the best outcome with the resources present out there, from diplomatic leaders to top jockeys in between drivers of heavy vehicles or even hired to be part of an elite army. It is the zeal through which everything is for the taking until she stands firm on her own feet.

The courage a girl manifests is nothing that you might have anticipated – the fiery approach whilst being emotionally delicate is more than just the basic human self. A woman is never weak, for she will surprise her surrounding by the single spark which drives an array of possibilities. She will overcome battles because she is a warrior by default.

By Soovan Sharma Dookhoo