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Voici la Une de News On Sunday de ce vendredi 14 Septembre 2018


Digital Redefining Grocery Shopping

Around 70% of consumers will be grocery shopping online by 2024, according to a report from the Food Marketing Institute and Nielsen. The adoption of online shopping continues to witness a tremendous growth. Worldwide research shows that within the five next years, the majority of shoppers are expected to be buying their grocery shopping online.  In Mauritius, will this digital revolution be a threat to supermarkets or will be it an add-on to their services?

Electoral Reform

Gearing for more Equality and Fair Representation

The Electoral Reform Bill that the government plans to introduce before the end of this year will propose major changes to the current system. However, for this reform to be adopted, the Constitution requires a three-quarter majority. News on Sunday gauged the views of political figures to know what actually needs to be changed in our electoral system.

Chee-Peng Tan : “A Blueprint for Industry 4.0 must exist at all levels”

Industry 4.0 (I4.0) will impact everyone, every organization and every country, hence Mauritius must get ready, are the words of Chee Peng Tan, Group CEO, Business Technovise International. A keynote speaker in the upcoming conference 26-27 September 2018 on Industry 4.0 by TeamSynthesis, Chee Peng Tan underlines that I40 will increase the global income and improve quality of life.

Promotion at work

Seniority or Merit?

Promotion at work is made either on the basis of seniority or on the basis of merit or both. Seniority means the length of service put in by an employee in the organisation. Merit, on the other hand, means the qualification which an employee possesses. Any promotion exercise is bound to create uneasiness or frustration among staff.

Yashmee Dewoo

First Woman Country HR Lead at Accenture

Helping and guiding people are what she loves doing and what she does best.  First woman to be holding the post of Country HR Lead at Accenture, Yashmee Dewoo is all about the human approach. Advocate of women and gender equality, the professional shares with News on Sunday her atypical journey into the world of Human Resources.

Ganesh Chaturthi, festival going upscale every year in Mauritius

There are 33 million Gods in Hinduism, but the God that is worshiped first in every prayer is Ganesh, the God with the elephant head, son of Shiva for whom Maha Shivratri festival is celebrated with a lot of intensity and devotion across the country.

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