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Voici la Une de News on Sunday de ce Vendredi 14 Juin 2019

Budget 2019-2020

What impact on the economy?

The Government’s budget has considerable effects on society as well as on the political health of a country. The recent Budget of this current Government is described as being a sweetener to the population. How far can this sweetener leave a bitter taste to the economy is a debatable issue!  With the Budget deficit setting to reach nearly Rs 17 billion in the next financial year, what could be its impact on our economy? 

Event management

Hussein Nabee: “Constant innovation is key to success”

Whether it’s about organising a wedding, a party, a concert or a conference, the trend today is increasingly towards hiring professional event organisers.  The recent Budget announced that we must better harness the potential from Meetings Incentives Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE). To this end, the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority will revive the Special Incentive Scheme which provides grants of up to Rs 200,000 to MICE promoters and wedding planners. So what is event planning business about? News on Sunday meets Hussein Nabee, the Director of United Events Ltd, based at Castel.

World Blood Donor Day

A duty for young people to help humanity and themselves

“Give blood and save a life”. You must have heard this catchphrase several times. Indeed, blood is one of the main resources for treatment and urgent interventions. On 14th June, each year, countries around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day where awareness is raised about donating blood. In Mauritius as well, there is drastic need for blood in our hospitals every single day. Young people are not only encouraged to donate blood to save a life but also for their own benefits.

Young Professionals

Mobile phones in schools: Should it be banned or not?

The recent cases of violence recorded on phones by students and then shared on social media have created a real stir. The question whether students are misusing their phones has surfaced. In France, the use of phones has been banned in school premises for various reasons. In Mauritius, different schools have different rules concerning mobile phones. But should there be strict laws condemning the use of mobile phones in the school premises? Debate.

Business feature

10 Best African countries for doing business 2019

The Doing Business index of the World bank indicates the regularity environment of businesses.   The World Bank has annually been measuring the quality of worldwide business environments, for the past fifteen years, with its Doing Business ranking system.  Over 190 economies have been scrutinized on criteria including:  Electrification and ease of business creation, the tax burden and the protection of property rights.

Kathleen Li

30 flourishing years in hair styling

What drives her are dedication to her work, having loads of patience and providing excellent services to customers. Kathleen Li, founder and director of Katbalou Hairdesign, has had the passion for hairdressing since her teenage years. The professional woman, today, shares with us the ups and downs of her 30-year-career in the field and her advice to the youth.

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