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Tareequa Mooradun : Responding to a Shortage of Unique Designs for Brides

Tareequa Mooradun

In Mauritius, weddings are performed throughout the year. One of the most difficult tasks in a wedding is to find a beautiful dress for the bride. It is indeed a very delicate choice and an expert advice is highly recommended. Tareequa Mooradun, bride dress expert, has made things easier for future brides with her unique service RIKA Bridal Shop.

Established recently in Port Louis, RIKA Bridal Shop is a specialist in bridal wear. Tareequa Mooradun has innovated with its unique services and stands out from others. The store specializes in the sale of high-end wedding and evening dresses. It also offers accessories imported from Dubai.

Tareequa Mooradun kneaded the dreams of becoming an entrepreneur since young. She is very passionate about fashion. She reveals that in Mauritius, she found that we do not often get quality clothes items and the colors are not always trendy. Hence, her outlet has responded to this deficiency. “I have worked hard for the last few years and I have done a lot of sacrifices. After the HSC, I did a degree in Marketing Management at the University of Mauritius; I worked in several companies and at the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Today with the experience I gained, I opened my own shop RIKA Bridal Shop. I love fashion and I feel good in this chosen field,” she says. She quickly climbed the success ladder. She has also started to participate in various shows, such as the edition of Intercontinental Bridal and Wedding Show.

Innovative service

tareequaAccording to the young entrepreneur, the dresses are carefully selected to meet the expectations of her customers. In order to stand out from others, she chooses to bring some new features in terms of services. “I propose late night shopping by appointment and it is completely private. It is rather a VVIP service. The store has its normal opening hours but opens its doors by appointment, especially for brides and their families,” she reveals.

She says that the idea of ​​offering this service came to her when for her engagement, she had a lot of difficulties in finding the appropriate dress she wanted in Mauritius; the colors, texture and quality did not suit her. Ditto for her wedding dress. “Fortunately, my husband used to travel and so, he decided to look for the perfect dress for me. He sent me photos so that I could make my choices,” she says.

This experience led her to think that there might be several hundreds of other young women who are in the same situation; they cannot find the dresses of their dreams. “A wedding is the most extraordinary day in the life of a girl and it is essential that she wears a dress that she loves and is up to expectations,” she adds.

She points out that the customers of RIKA Bridal Shop are rather working women, mothers or young students. “Nowadays, women do not have time to go shopping during the day and prefer to come to the store at night. They look at the models on my RIKA Bridal Shop Facebook page and they select the models they like. As for the brides, they have plenty of time to choose their dream dress and try it out because the store is open only for her and their family,” she underlines.

The life of an entrepreneur

Tareequa does not agree with the fact that in Mauritius, there is a misconception that entrepreneurs are those who have failed school, but this is not the case. She believes that entrepreneurship requires a lot of intelligence and daring to work for oneself and to make the company successful. “As an entrepreneur, we must always be creative. I encourage parents to stop pushing their children towards classic careers such as professorship, accounting or medicine. If they want to become entrepreneurs, let them choose their pathway. They will fall and they will hurt themselves. But they will rise stronger than ever. This is entrepreneurship,” she advises.