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Swearing-in ceremony : neophytes gear up for new era in transforming the country  

The new government of Pravind Jugnauth took the oath at the swearing-in ceremony in presence of the Acting President, Barlen Vyapoory, at the State House, Réduit, on Tuesday. Among the new ministers, there are nine neophytes who occupy for the first time a ministerial portfolio. They share with us their priorities and how they will ensure good governance as well as transparency. 


RenganadenRenganaden Padayachy : “Our job is to enhance the lives of people”

The newly-appointed Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development confided that he is proud of his achievement. “I am also very honoured of the trust the Prime Minister has placed in me. From now on, I have to carry on the good work that Pravind Jugnauth had already initiated in the economic and financial sector. I will do my utmost best to keep on the momentum in order to make our economic growth become more and more inclusive. This is what will allow us to move forward rapidly,” said Renganaden Padayachy. 

When it comes to his priorities, the former First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Mauritius and Chairperson of the Financial Services Commission underlined that first, the electoral program will have to be put in place. “Second, we will have to pay particular attention to the whole export sector which includes both the export of goods and services. Whether it is the manufacturing sector, the tourism sector, the financial sector, among others, we will have to focus on these. We also have to exploit to the best all the new measures which have been put in place.” He added that he plans to continue improving and changing the lives of people. “It is our job to enhance the lives of people.” The Minister said that he will apply good governance and transparency at his Ministry, just like he did in his previous posts. 

DarsanandDarsanand Balgobin : “Make our island become Smart Mauritius” 

A big leap for Darsanand Balgobin. It is his first time participating in an election, and not only did he get elected but also appointed as Minister of Technology, Communication and Innovation. He indicates that he has been given a very important ministry. His objective is to make our island become Smart Mauritius. “The use of technology and Artificial Intelligence must become an economic pillar. All the essential public services should be digital so that it is done quickly and efficiently.” He will also focus on the training of young people in this sector, as it can generate more jobs. “The Prime Minister has said 10,000 jobs will be created and this sector can be one of them.” 

He affirms that he will work in collaboration with all the institutions, following the established procedures and everything will always be transparent.

KavydassKavydass Ramano : “Get each Mauritian involved in the protection of the environment”

The former independent Member of Parliament for Constituency No 18 (Belle Rose / Quatre Bornes), since October 2016, has been appointed as Minister of Environment, Solid Waste Management and Climate Change. Kavi Ramano stated that he is happy as well as grateful towards the Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth for trusting him. Talking about climate change, the latter underlined that it is a challenge not only for Mauritius but also for the whole world to overcome the climatic issues threatening our planet. “There is a lot to do but we will definitely achieve our goals. It will be mostly team work and we intend to work in tandem with the government,” he said.

When it comes to his priorities, he declared that the focus will not be solely on bringing changes to our system. “Most importantly, there will have to be a change of mindset among our people. I believe that it is at that level that we must strike in order to involve each Mauritian in the protection of the environment.” Kavi Ramano stated that he will bring his own personal touch when it comes to making things move. “I will do it in all humility but the humility should not be interpreted as weakness.  On the contrary, this is what has always been my strength,” he confided.

Talking about good governance and transparency, he trusts that it is extremely important to have the support of the whole public sector through all the work that will be carried out. “We are a policy maker. The execution will be at the level of the administration and on my side, I will have to assure that each concerned department will function in all transparency and that we are accountable in everything that we do, especially vis-a-vis the population.” 

KalpanaKalpana Devi Koonjoo-Shah : “The atrocities on women should stop”

Kalpana Devi Koonjoo-Shah, Minister of Gender Equality and Family Welfare dedicates her victory to her team, as she believes it is collective work that brought her to such a success. “I have taken oath as a minister at a relatively young age. It is with a great humility that I accept the new responsibilities.” 

The new minister has started her work with much determination soon after the swearing-in ceremony. For her, the priority will be on the empowerment of women. “The atrocities against women should stop. There is need to reinforce the law and tackle the issue of domestic violence.”
Another priority will also be children and their education. “Education starts at home within the family and not when children start going to school. We will inculcate the desired education from the beginning itself.” 

SharmaMahendranuth Sharma Hurreeram : “Bring the developments at the doorstep of our people”

The former Chief Whip has been appointed as Minister of National Infrastructure and Community Development. Bobby Hurreeram stated that the country is already a huge construction site and many works have already been achieved. “The Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth has put new blood in the Cabinet. I believe this will bring a new vision, more dynamism, exuberance and working capacity. We will do our best to honour the trust that the population has placed in us and I also have to honour, as a new minister, the trust our Prime Minister has placed in me,” he uttered. 

Bobby Hurrerram shared that he plans to take over the work and dossiers that fall under his ministry. “As from now, we have to bring the developments at the doorstep of our people. We aim to improve the lives of the population by enhancing the infrastructures in our country. The work will also focus on pursuing the good work which has already started.”

KaileshKailesh Kumar Singh Jagutpal : “Continue to improve the people’s health and quality of life”

The new Minister of Health and Wellness stated that it is an honour for him to take over the ministry as he has had a long career in the health sector. “I thank the Prime Minister for having faith in me and appoint me as Minister of Health. I also have to thank my predecessor Dr Husnoo who has done a very good job and it must now continue. We need to carry on with improving people’s health and quality of life,” uttered Kailesh Jagutpal. 
What would be his priorities? “To improve the infrastructures of the present hospitals as well as make sure to have the best infrastructures in hospitals which are under construction and which will be delivered soon. Emphasis would also be put on the empowerment of the staff of the health sector who, I must underline, are already doing a great job. Moreover, more emphasis will be put on technology in order to improve our health services. The development of medi-clinics is also a priority in order to make the access to health services easier to the public,” said the Minister of Health and Wellness. 

He stated that it is important that all those working in the public health sector bear in mind that good governance and transparency will be a key aspect of the work. “We all have to work according to these without interference,” he said. 

SudheerSudheer Maudhoo : “Action is needed to turn ocean economy into a reality” 

Sudheer Maudhoo has a big challenge ahead in making the ocean economy a real pillar. The new minister of Blue Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries and Shipping shares that this ministry is a new responsibility bestowed upon him. “We have been speaking of the ocean economy for a long time now. We have been talking of making it a pillar of the economy. I hope that during my mandate, we will be able to achieve this. Shipping and fishing are already present. The real challenge is how to make the ocean economy the pillar. So far, there have been only talks.” 

He highlights that it is high time we exploit our seas and see what is there. “We need to look at countries who have succeeded in this field and seek their expertise. We have to speed the process and start exploiting our sea. Action is needed to make ocean economy a reality.” 

Commenting on being transparent, he avers that after spending years in the private sector, he has been action-oriented, rigorous and transparent. “I am someone who is result-oriented. I like to see results quickly. There have been criticism pertaining to the slow work of the public sector, now I will see to it how we can work more quickly and efficiently.” 

TeeruthrajTeeruthraj Hurdoyal : “A conducive environment is essential to boost up productivity” 

Former president of the District Council of Flacq, Teeruthraj Hurdoyal has been able to make it to parliament and has been appointed as Minister of Public Service, Administrative and Institutional Reforms. Delighted of this new responsibility, he thanks the Prime Minister for the trust. However, he believes that new challenges are waiting for him. “I have been managing things at regional level at the District Council but now, it is at national level. Things are different but I will work hard for it.” 

He has already set his priorities. He will be concentrating on improving the quality of service as many people have been complaining about the services offered. “The welfare of employees is most important to me. A conducive environment is essential to boost up productivity. From the start, I will try to create this environment. Another focus will be on training.” 

Despite being a big challenge, the new minister is confident that with the knowledge he has, he will attain the objectives set as well as live up to the expectations. As a minister, he will also live up to his principles of equality and meritocracy. “I have always followed these principles and I will keep the trend. I will deliver keeping my principles alive in me.”

AvinashAvinash Teeluck : “Empowering the artists” 

The newly-elected Minister of Arts and Cultural Heritage feels proud not only to make his first step in parliament but also to finally be heading a ministry. For him, it is a new responsibility and a new trust vested upon him. As a young professional, his priority will be the empowerment of artists. “We have artists going to perform at international level and they are doing brilliantly. We have lots of potentials but we need to exploit it further. There is need to validate all our artists,” he says.

Another important factor for him is the social aspect. “I have been in the social for years. One unit of my ministry is culture and hence, it is an opportunity to bring the youth together and create Mauritianism among them. Also, invite them to be more in the social.”

Despite being new in this field, Avinash Teeluck has some very interesting projects in mind that he will be working on but for the time being, he looks forward to examining the work in progress. Asked about how will he be ensuring transparency and good governance, he replies, “I will be transparent and perform the work as it should be. I have been in the legal field for around ten years now. The ideologies I have will help in managing my ministry as well as serve the country.” 


The Hon Pravind Kumar JUGNAUTH

  • Prime Minister
  • Minister of Defence, Home Affairs and External Communications
  • Minister for Rodrigues, Outer Islands and Territorial Integrity


  • Deputy Prime Minister,
  • Minister of Energy and Public Utilities


  • Vice-Prime Minister
  • Minister of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology

Dr the Hon Mohammad Anwar HUSNOO

  • Vice-Prime Minister
  • Minister of Local Government, Disaster and Risk Management

The Hon Alan GANOO

  • Minister of Land Transport and Light Rail

Dr the Hon Renganaden PADAYACHY

  • Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development

The Hon Nandcoomar BODHA, GCSK

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade

The Hon Louis Steven OBEEGADOO

  • Minister of Housing and Land Use Planning


  • Minister of Social Integration, Social Security and National Solidarity

The Hon Soomilduth BHOLAH

  • Minister of Industrial Development, SMEs and Cooperatives

The Hon Kavydass RAMANO

  • Minister of Environment, Solid Waste Management and Climate Change

The Hon Mahen Kumar SEERUTTUN

  • Minister of Financial Services and Good Governance

The Hon Georges Pierre LESJONGARD

  • Minister of Tourism

The Hon Maneesh GOBIN

  • Attorney General
  • Minister of Agro-Industry and Food Security


  • Minister of Commerce and Consumer Protection

The Hon Jean Christophe Stephan TOUSSAINT

  • Minister of Youth Empowerment, Sports and Recreation

The Hon Mahendranuth Sharma HURREERAM

  • Minister of National Infrastructure and Community Development

The Hon Darsanand BALGOBIN

  • Minister of Technology, Communication and Innovation

The Hon Soodesh Satkam CALLICHURN

  • Minister of Labour, Human Resource Development and Training

Dr the Hon Kailesh Kumar Singh JAGUTPAL

  • Minister of Health and Wellness

The Hon Sudheer MAUDHOO

  • Minister of Blue Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries and Shipping

The Hon Mrs Kalpana Devi KOONJOO-SHAH

  • Minister of Gender Equality and Family Welfare

The Hon Avinash TEELUCK

  • Minister of Arts and Cultural Heritage

The Hon Teeruthraj HURDOYAL

  • Minister of Public Service, Administrative and Institutional Reforms



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