News on Sunday

Roads closed due to infrastructural works

Due to the infrastructural works linked to the Metro Express project and also with the construction of a third lane on the M1 motorway, several roads will be closed to traffic this weekend. The Ministry of Public Infrastructure and Road Transport provides further details in an issued statement.

As such, the exit lane at Victoria Bus Station has been closed since Saturday 15th September, due to the construction of a third lane along the M1. It will be temporarily closed for a period of eight to ten weeks. During the closure, the bypass will mainly concern buses serving the following routes: Rose Hill via St. Patrick (1A), Rose Hill via Vandermeersch (1B), Pellegrin (12), Pellegrin via Petit Paquet (12A), Camp Thorel (93), L'Esperance (93A), Nicolière / Eau-Bouillie tank junction via Nouvelle Découverte (103), La Laura (103A), Little Cabin (113), Bel Air (113A), Vuillemin (135), and Waterfall Edge (141).

These buses will have to take the lane next to the old NTA building to leave Victoria Station and head to their destinations via Jemmapes, Lord Kitchener and Souillac, La Butte and Brabant Streets. Traffic signs will be put in place to guide road users and traffic will also be controlled by the police during the closure period.

Metro Express project

In addition, as part of the Metro Express project, major construction work is being carried out on the M1 motorway at Camp Chapelon near the St Louis CEB station since Sunday 16th September and for a period three months. As a result, a fast track segment (approximately 150 m) along the M1 motorway to the North and South will be closed to traffic, which will be diverted to adjacent lanes.

Road users who leave Port Louis during the afternoon rush hour and heading South are advised to take the Gangah Lane near Emcar and take the Old Moka Road to reach the M1 motorway after the closure of the road.

The public is informed that as part of the Metro Express project, construction will be carried out at Vandermeersch Street, from its intersection with Rue Victor Hugo to the roundabout Beau Bassin (near the Gool restaurant) from Thursday 20th September 2018 for a duration of four weeks.

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure also informs the public that the Vandermeersch Street will be closed to traffic as from Victor Hugo Street to the Beau Bassin roundabout and the traffic will be diverted as follows:

  • Traffic along Vandermeersch Street to the Beau Bassin Roundabout will be diverted along Henri Lemaire Street and Dr. Emile Duvivier Street to finally join the Royal Road (A1), Beau Bassin.
  • Traffic along the Royal Road (A1) to Vandermeersch Street will be diverted along Dr. Emile Duvivier and Henri Lemaire Streets to Vandermeersch Street.
  • The necessary arrangements will also be made for local access along the closed section of Vandermeersch Street.

Traffic signs will be put in place to inform and guide road users along the various routes used. Drivers are strongly advised to exercise caution when approaching the work areas and to respect the indicated speed limits. The Ministry regrets any inconvenience and relies on the usual cooperation and collaboration of the public.

Excavation work

At the same time, excavation work is being carried out on Route St Jean (A1), Dr. Maurice Curé Street and Elias Street, Rose Hill, since Monday 17th September to Wednesday 10th October during the week and on Saturdays, between 8pm and 4am. As a result, a lane on the aforementioned roads will be closed to traffic at specific locations. Traffic will be controlled by a “stop / go” system on the opposite track with the assistance of the police.