Raksha Bandhan : a Festival inspiring love, affection and unity

Raksha Bandhan

“The profundity and immensity of the true bond of love, affection and divine relationship which exists between brothers and sisters (ICW) in connection with the Raksha Bandhan Festival is always considered to be deeper than any ocean.”

Since time immemorial, the Festival of Raksha Bandhan has been celebrated in India, Mauritius and various parts of the world with immense love and considerable gusto and profound affection.

Raksha Bandhan, this important festival of brothers and sisters, which is being virtually celebrated with a great style of artistic and spiritual dimension and execution, will be celebrated this Sunday 26th August. Special importance is being eventually attached to this festival because it entirely deals with the eternal, perennial, sacred and soft love, which exists between sisters and brothers.

As a matter of concrete fact, it is indeed enthralling to note with deep and profound concern that on the very full moon day of the “Shravani Month” - this sacred thread which is being tied on the wrist of the brother which is called “Rakhi / Raksha” is to protect the culture (Sanskrit) and “Dharma” (Duty) - as being provided and propounded by great sages (Rishis) for the entire benefit and support of all the brothers and sisters, including the huge support of human race and this universe for all times and dime(s) primitive, present, past and future.

In truth, Raksha Bandhan also reminds us of the good and solemn vow to protect each other (that is the brother and sister), and to also properly discharge one’s sacred duty, promoting and propagating at the same time the essential, precious, moralistic, philosophical, as well as the spiritual values of life which eventually maintains and sustains the individual, state, society and the entire environment as well.

In the same vein, it goes without saying that Indian history also indicates and legend also proves that in primitive days, “Rakhis” were not only being tied by Hindus’ sisters and brothers, but Hindu’s women had also tied “Rakhis” on several hands of Muslim brothers, owing to their fidelity, faithfulness and sense of loyalty, which the latters had shown by combatting, struggling and grappling for the general welfare and safeguard of thousands and millions of Indians.

By way of conclusion, and in the very wake of the afore mentioned concrete facts, it’s crystal clear to deduce that this great and important festival may most surely and certainly lose its moralistic, philosophical and spiritual values as long as rape, fraudulent sexual intercourse, abnormal incestuous sexual activities, high, augmenting and alarming rate of criminality, including atrocious and heinous crimes, and pedophilia will be on the upsurge and rampage in this transitory and ephemeral world of suffering, tension, pretension and sensation.

Sookraj Bissessur


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