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Decaen Fly-Over in Port Louis now operational


The Decaen Fly-Over, connecting the Highway to Lord Kitchener Street, was officially launched by the Minister of Public Infrastructure and Land Transport.


In a statement, Nando Bodha highlighted that, with the opening of this new fly-over which forms part of the vast Road Decongestion Programme, motorists coming from the South will be able to enter the City Centre via the Pailles overpass, the Caudan roundabout, the Decaen Fly-Over and the Place d'Armes. Following an adaptation period, he stated, a final traffic plan will be established. However, leaving Port Louis to head North via Place d'Armes is no longer possible. Lord Kitchener Street will also serve as a one-way street to Place d'Armes.

He underscored that computer simulations carried out by experts establish that the Decaen Fly-Over will significantly contribute to traffic decongestion in this sensitive area. The fly-over layout, he pointed out, has been modified so as not to encroach on that of the Metro Express. The Minister also dwelt on the work progress at the Caudan roundabout as part of the Metro Express project and explained that pilings will be installed soon.

The construction of the Decaen Fly-Over, to the tune of some Rs 340 million, was carried out by General Construction Co. Ltd (GCC) and Transinvest Construction Ltd. Its conception was done in-house by GCC and works started in October 2017.

New configuration

The new configuration are as follows:

  • The Place d'Armes closed to vehicles coming from the South
  • Vehicles coming from the South via the M1 motorway will be able to enter Port-Louis via:
  • The Decaen Autopont - Lord Kitchener Street (which will be one-way to Port Louis).
  • The roundabout of Caudan to head towards the market of La Butte and Moka Street
  • Bell-Village Autopont, Mgr Leen Street, Brabant Street
  • The upcoming changes
  • Those coming from the North will be able to pass by Place d'Armes.
  • To leave Port Louis, you will have to go through:
  • John Kennedy Street and Place d'Armes to the North;
  • Deschartres Street, then the highway to the South and Center;
  • Jemmapes Street, then head for Moka-Grande-Rivière-North-Ouest Street to Lower Plaine Wilhems.

To go North, motorists will have to take the streets: Rue Royale, Remy-Ollier, Sir Seewoosagur-Ramgoolam (Desforges) to then join the Nicolay road and the Military road.

Several other options are available: take the Quai D roundabout or go through Ste Croix and the Roche Bois roundabout or the Baie du Tombeau roundabout. The other option is to go through the Champ de Mars then via Vallee Pitot and the Military Road.


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