Législatives 2019

Constituency - No. 9 : a difficult day for Anil Baichoo 

Voters could witness an unusual scene at Notre Dame de Bon- Accueil RCA School on Election’s Day.  In Constituency No. 9 (Flacq / Bon Accueil), three marquees have been set up for these general elections to act as voting centres.  They were placed in the narrow courtyard of the school so that voters could come to fulfill their civic duty. Another thing that caught the attention of our journalists is a song that was being played in the streets. This song has been specifically composed in the name of Chettan Baboolall, candidate of the MMM in No. 9. “Vote Baboolall… Voter, voter, vote Baboolall,” we could hear being sung. 

“It was a difficult day.”  That is what Anil Baichoo, candidate of L’Alliance Nationale, said in his press declaration at Shri Rajiv Gandhi Government School. He has been going round the voting centres since the morning and at the same time, some small issues cropped up, which he dealt with. “The presence of MSM supporters in the school compound has bothered us a lot,” he confides.  According to him, the authority has been too flexible with them. Another thing that he finds “horrible” is that many voters did not find their names registered. He does not want to blame the Electoral Commission but he finds it weird.  “How can they explain that some voters have their names on the internet, but could not find their names on the voter list,” he wonders. 

Number of electors : 56 788
Voters Turnout : 45 385
Percentage of abstention : 20%


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