Législatives 2019

Constituency - No. 8 : candidates look agitated while outgoing Prime Minister remains calm

The outgoing Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth, Danrajsingh Aubeeluck, leader of Parti Malin, crossed each other in the courtyard of the Saint Pierre RCA School at No. 8 (Moka / Military District). In his declaration, Mr Danrajsingh Aubeeluck said that he had refused to shake the hand of Pravind Jugnauth, unlike the other candidates present. 

At Soopaya Soobiah Primary School at Moka in the morning, the outgoing Prime Minister expressed his satisfaction that it was smooth sailing all the way. “I hope that these elections are taking place in an exemplary manner. And the work continues until the closing of the voting centres,” says Pravind Jugnauth. He also toured the other primary schools of his Constituency during the day.

Danrajsingh Aubeeluck, the leader of Parti Malin, saw his victory even before the election day has ended. He believes firmly that Parti Malin is coming with a crushing victory in this election. According to him, the nation is not willing to waste their votes with politicians of big political parties. People, for him, has put all their trust this time in Parti Malin. Concerning his adversary Pravind Jugnauth, he said that he has never accepted him as a Prime Minister. “It is only when the population votes for you that you become prime minister,” he points out.

Mohamed Mustapha alias Gandhi, candidate of the FSM, was infuriated at the attitude of a Senior Presiding Officer at the Saint-Pierre RCA School. “When the officer saw Pravind Jugnauth, he asked the other candidates to make way for him. ‘Do you want, be upgraded by him in your job’?” he asked furiously. “Respect the public and show some honesty.  You are a public servant,” he said. After some time, this inhabitant of Circonstance in Saint Pierre calmed down and everything returned to normal.

Number of electors : 45 268
Voters Turnout : 37 691
Percentage of abstention : 16.8%


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