Législatives 2019

Constituency No. 19 : Satisfactory day

Ivan Collendavalloo, leader of Muvman Liberater and candidate of L’Alliance Morisien in the Constituency of No 19 (Stanley/ Rose Hill) expresses his contentment about the big crowd in the voting centres. “We are evidently waiting now for the results before I can make another declaration,” he says. However he believes that the Electoral Commissioner should not have disallowed people to vote because of an identity card. “They should have inquired but not disqualified the voter,” he adds. Secondly, he is surprised by the fact that many people who registered their names did not find their names in the voter list on the day of election. According to him, the Electoral Supervisory Commission must conduct an inquiry as to why such a problem cropped up in such a significant number.

Candidates for L’Alliance Nationale in this Constituency are: Gad-Olivier Barbe, Assad Peeroo, Danisha Sornum.  MMM: Olujare Jenn Abediro, Paul Berenger, Deven Nagalingum. Alliance Morisien: Seety Naidoo, Ivan Collendavelloo, Fazila Jeewa-Daureeawoo.

Number of electors: 38 433
Voters Turnout: 28 327
Percentage of abstention:26.3%


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