Législatives 2019

Constituency No. 18 : Effervescence under stress 

This Constituency has always been considered as a key factor and decisive. This time, it is going to be a tough battle among the three main political parties. 33 candidates are running in this election.  The atmosphere was calm during the day except for a few incidents reported. The voters preferred to go voting in the afternoon rather than in the morning. In the afternoon, the different leaders roamed across the Constituency to encourage voters to perform their civic responsibility. It was a difficult job for all the three candidates, as they are all confident for a clear victory.  

Kavy Ramano, candidate of L’Alliance Morisien, stated that they have received a very positive reaction from the population. He averred to be confident for himself and his two running mates, Tania Diolle and Vikash Peerun. The leader of PMSD, Xavier-Luc Duval, has been in his Constituency since early morning. He highlighted that on the field, there has been a clean and civilized campaign but this was not the case on the web, where it was a filthy one. It should to be noted that Xavier-Luc Duval is running for the elections under the L’Alliance Nationale (PTr-PMSD) along with Rama Sithanen and Arvin Boolell. On the MMM side, the three candidates are Dany Perrier, Ansheela Iyempermal and Satish Boolell.

Number of electors: 43 423
Voters Turnout: 33 210
Percentage of abstention: 23.6%


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