Législatives 2019

Constituency No. 16 : a constituency to be followed closely

The voting trend was very much slow in the morning. At around 11:00, it started to pick up. It is one of the constituencies, the population is following closely. Reason: the daughter of the MMM leader Joanna Berenger is making her debut. She is joined by Ajay Gunesss and Danraj Boodhoo.  

Michael Sik Yuen of L’Alliance Nationale was seen in this Constituency and stated that the mood was good and they are going towards a big victory. The L’Alliance Nationale candidates are Stephanie Anquetil, Tangavel Thoda and Nishta Jooty. For L’Alliance Morisien, they are Francoise Labelle, Ashley Ittoo and Nando Bodha.   

Number of electors: 44 966
Voters Turnout: 35 196
Percentage of abstention: 21.8%


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