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[Blog] COVID-19 - Options to re-open supermarkets

To whom it may concern,

We should be aware that online shopping won't be able to sustain the high demand and we should consider re-opening our supermarkets to alleviate tension in the country. I hope the below protocol can help to re-open our supermarkets:

1) To ensure social distancing: Accommodate our supermarkets with floor markings 2m apart to guide people exactly where to stand whether in the queue or in the supermarket.

2) To limit the crowd: Strictly only 1 person in a car or on foot is allowed in the supermarket premises. If he/she can drive it means he/she can walk, can shop, can pay. No exception.

3) To ensure and enforce security: SMF and MPF must be present inside and outside of supermarkets to control the flow of people and make them maintain the social distancing through the floor markings or any other markings.

4) To limit time in the supermarket: Same principle as packs are being prepared for online orders should be applied. Packs should be readily available to 'pick, pay and go' and should cater for 3 people for 10 days.

Pack 1: basic survival needs (rice, flour, eggs, milk, moule tranchée, frozen chicken, etc)

Pack 2: fruits

Pack 3: vegetables

Pack 4: dog food (riz ration + canned food for 2 dogs for 10 days)

Pack 5: cat food

Each person should only be allowed 1 pack of each or none. No exception.

I hope you can elaborate on the above protocol and make sure security is extremely strict.

Another option might be the drive thru system to collect and pay for the packs.

Also consider opening the supermarkets for longer hours. Say 9am to 5pm. This can help spread the crowd throughout the day.

P.S: Do not disregard our pets.




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