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ACCA Mauritius : high Achievers honoured 

Souvenir photo for the happy ACCA high achievers.

ACCA Mauritius rewarded high achievers for the cohort 2018-2019 during a ceremony held on Wednesday at Hennessy Park Hotel, Ebene. Present at the ceremony, Madhavi Ramdin-Clark – Head of ACC, Mauritius, congratulated the students for their brilliant performance both at local and international levels. Dr Nitin Essoo, Rushmore Business School, stated that ACCA qualification opens a world of opportunities. Tahir Wahab, guest speaker and Associate Director at JTC Group, on his part, gave an inspiring speech on his journey, patience, hard work and determination.  News On Sunday met several award winners who shared their happiness and their secret for success. 


LishikaLishika Mooloo : ranked 2nd at international level 

Lishika Mooloo is on cloud nine. The 23-year-old lady has excelled at international level. For the first time, she is ranked on the 2nd position worldwide. An achievement that she cannot forget and dedicates it to her parents Naraindre and Kabita, who are the backbone of her success. “I have been ranked at national level five times. And this year also I am ranked first for the cohort December 2018. I am very much satisfied with my performance and this needed much sacrifice. It took me three and a half years to complete my ACCA along with my degree in Finance and Minor Law,” says the inhabitant of Rose Belle. 

She is currently working as accountant at Trident Trust Company Ltd. She advises ACCA students to keep the right balance and make their studies a priority. “Revise constantly. Do not wait for the last minute. Work maximum past papers and exams techniques.” 

YajnaYajna Ramlaul : “Plans to pursue CIA qualifications”

Consultant at KPMG, Yajna Ramlaul did not hide her joy. “It is a big achievement and I am proud of it.” Ranked second affiliate for March 2019 (National Level), Yajna shared that it was all thanks to her hard work and dedication. “I coped with work and my studies through consistent learning and a good planning of my day and time,” she said. Aged 25, Yajna holds an undergraduate degree in Economics and Finance and a Master’s degree in International Securities, Investment and Banking. She plans to pursue her studies, namely obtain CIA qualifications and also have international exposure.

SuyamSuyam Jeetoo : “I hope to climb the ladder of success”

21-year-old Suyam Jeetoo has been ranked 8th worldwide in the Advanced Financial Management paper for December 2018. He has made his parents, Hurrynun, a police officer and Yammanee, an Educator proud. Accountant at Sanne Mauritius, the young professional was expecting an outstanding performance as he has worked for it. “It is a matter of pride to be ranked at international level. I have really invested myself for such good results.” He holds a degree in Finance and Minor Law. He looks forward to completing his ACCA and make a name for himself in the accountancy field. “I hope to climb the success ladder in my field, which I really like.” Besides ACCA, Suyam also has a black belt. In addition, he likes to listen to Indian classical music. 

JanhaveeJanhavee Naggea : “With good time management, you can achieve success” 

It is with great amazement and a smile that Janhavee Naagea took her award for the paper Advanced Financial Management and was ranked 2nd as Top affiliates for June 2019 at national level. It is the first time that she has achieved such a ranking. An auditor at PwC, Janhavee Naggea, 23, is pleased and satisfied that her hard work has been paid off. The resident of Vacoas has completed her ACCA paper in 2019. She holds a degree in Economics and Finance. “With a good time management, you can achieve success. The ACCA took me three and a half years,” She aims to continue her journey in auditing and wants to pursue her post graduate education in economics. 

AishwaryaAishwarya Mehta : “I will be joining the world of taxation” 

Aishawarya Mehta, 25, is among those students who have been constantly performing brilliantly. It is the third time she is receiving a prize for ACCA papers. Earlier she did very well for papers like Financial Reporting, Taxation, Financial Management and this time she scored for Advanced Taxation. She has been ranked third as Top Affiliates for June 2009. The young lady, who lives in Quatre Bornes, is extremely delighted on this achievement. She confides that she looks forward to joining KPMG. “As from October, I will be joining the world of taxation as tax consultant. It is my first job and I am very excited.”

She plans to pursue a Master’s or CFA. The secret of her success is her way of studying. “Before exams, I usually plan a schedule. I try to finish my syllabus earlier so that I get time to do my revision well. I also practice a lot of exam papers.” 

Kaveena Bissessur : “The secret is good planning”


Ranked 1st in the Top Affiliates at National Level for March 2019, Kaveena shared that she feels relieved. “I am very proud after three years of hard work, patience and commitment. All my hard work and sacrifices have borne their fruits and my dream of becoming a top affiliate has been translated into a reality.” The auditor holds an undergraduate degree in Finance and is still studying for her Master’s degree. She confides that coping with her work and her studies was definitely not an easy task. “It has been a bumpy ride especially when we have tight deadlines. The secret is a good planning of the day: Waking up early in the morning, revising on the way to work, sacrificing weekend plans and having regular monitoring and support from my employer.” The 23-year-old woman, who is fond of sports activities, aims to acquire the necessary skills and experience which will enable her to excel in her accountancy career. “My goal is to become the Director of my own company.”

Mohammad Yassin Khan Kodabaccus : “Proper planning and dedication lead to success”


Mohammad Yassin Khan Kodabaccus, 24, is among the Top Affiliates for the ACCA exams sitting of September 2018. He also ranked 1st at national level in his cohort. Even though he seemed very proud about his achievement, he reckons that the journey has not been easy, having to cope with work and studies at the same time. Accountant in a private firm, Yassin Khan Kodabaccus managed, however, to strike the right balance between the two.

“A proper planning and dedication always lead to success,” he said. Yassin Kodabaccus also holds a degree in Accounting (minor finance). He praises his parents, Afzal and Farozia, who have always been by his side. “I have also a special thought for all my friends and lecturers. But all this would not have been possible without God’s help.” 

Rida and Muhammad Nubheebucus : two siblings score in the same paper

Rida and Muhammad

One of the highlights of the Award ceremony is that two siblings ranked 1st in the same paper, that is Strategic Business Reporting (BRP). In fact, Muhammad Jilany Nubheebucus scored during the December 2018 sitting while his sister, Rida Fatimah Nubheebucus, stood out from the September cohort in 2018. Both siblings were elated to share their contentment with us. “I must say that it has been like a team work between Rida and me. Whenever I had some difficulties over a particular question, she was more than ready to help. I also helped her whenever she needed my advice,” he said. Rida, for her part, claimed that it was a marvellous experience to work side by side with her brother and is more than happy that both of them ranked 1st in their respective cohort.

Audit Executive at Deloitte, Muhammad Jilany aims to complete his ACCA studies this December or in June 2020. “It is indeed difficult to study while working but at times, we must be willing to make sacrifices. Self-learning also helps a lot although one needs to have the advice of a lecturer,” he added. The young man was also an ACCA High Achiever Awardee back in 2015. Rida Fatimah an Auditor at EY and aims at working harder in order to be assigned greater responsibilities at work. Muhammad Jilany and Rida Fatimah pay tribute to their parents, Hassam Gorah, a civil engineer, and Mehjabin, a mathematics teacher, as well as their elder sister Sanaa, who is a Quality Manager at Eclosia.

SheevaneeSheevanee Ujoodha : “I aim to help in my country’s progress”

The 25-year-old woman won two awards, namely in Strategic Business Leader, was ranked 2nd in the Top Affiliate National Level for December 2018. “I have worked so hard to achieve this and I really feel proud for this achievement, given the efforts made as well as the sacrifices of my parents and support of my lecturers and colleagues,” she uttered. The Government Officer shared that she decided to work and study at the same time so as to be able to pay for her tuition fees. How did she cope with it? “Luckily all my classes have been during weekends and I had the opportunity to focus on my studies and dedicate my week time for full revision without jeopardizing my professional obligations.”

Regarding her future plans, Sheevanee, from Plaine Magnien, stated that she wants to give back to her country. “I will try to help the nation with the maximum input I can if I am given the right opportunities to help the country progress.” 

ZahraZahra Nabeebocus : “I plan to study further”

Top Affiliate in Mauritius for the September 2018 sitting and ranked 2nd at national level, Zahra Nabeebocus, 26, claimed that she did not expect to put up with such a bold performance during the ACCA exams. “I wasn’t expecting much. But I guess that my hard work and sacrifice paid off. I have always been attracted to accounting and now, I plan to study further,” she said. Auditor at EY, Zahra who lives in Port Louis also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law & Management. Her secret to be a successful student is to have a good balance between work, studies and social life. “It is also important for us to prioritize what we consider to be most important in our life,” she added.

Zahra Nabeebocus dedicates her success to her parents, Akhtaar Nabeebocus, who is self-employed, and Rehana Bhuglah, a housewife. “I will never be able to thank them enough for all their support,” she confides. 

Binesh Ramlochund : “It is a great moment of joy” 


Ranked third affiliate for March 2019 (National Level) Binesh Ramlochund confides that he is proud and happy of this award. “It is a great moment of joy for my family and myself,” he said. The accountant, who holds a B.Eng. (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering, trusts that time dedicated to studies is not at all a waste. “I believe that if one studies at least one hour a day, it makes a great difference.” The 30-year-old man shares that he aims to become an ACCA member and to be promoted at work.



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