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Weather Forecast : rainy Christmas Eve expected


After several days of uncomfortable heat, the situation has returned to seasonal temperatures since Thursday 19th December. The mercury will drop and temperatures expected as from Friday 20th December will vary between 260 to 330 Celsius. This is due to the anticyclone to the South of the Mascarenes, which is approaching slowly and it will gradually cause a moderate and relatively more comfortable airstream to flow over our region.

But what weather should we expect next week as Christmas Day approaches? As per the probabilistic forecast of the Mauritius Meteorological Services, showers are expected as from Friday 20th December and will be more frequent on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th December. During the weekend, the maximum temperature will be of 320 Celsius. However, the weather will be partly cloudy and some scattered showers are expected on the Central Plateau on Saturday 21st December while the passing showers will become more frequent on Sunday night, 22nd December. The sea will be rough beyond reefs and ventures in the open seas are not advised.

On Monday 23rd and on Christmas Eve, that is Tuesday 24th December, frequent showers with thunderstorms are expected. Again the sea will be rough and ventures in the open seas are not advised. The maximum temperature will be of 310 Celsius. On Christmas Day, Wednesday 25 December, a few showers are expected in the East and Central Plateau. 



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