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Dengue Fever

Alarming Situation in Mauritius

The Ministry of Health had identified 24 cases of dengue fever since the beginning of the year, mainly in the Vallée des Prêtres region. While less than four cases of dengue fever are identified each year, the health authorities are already pulling the alarm that we might be facing an epidemic in the island. 

Sheila Bunwaree: “The desire for ‘power and control’, built on a culture of masculinity, often triggers different forms of violence”

Domestic violence, rape or insults are common place in our Mauritian society. The month of March is specifically for celebrating our women and their contribution in the development of our society, whether they are career women or housewives. Professor Sheila Bunwaree makes us discover the other side of the story. She elaborates on why women are still struggling to be financially independent and underrepresented in politics as well. 

Mauritius and Madagascar

A New Era of Investment Opportunities

Mauritius and Madagascar are embarking on a new path of bilateral cooperation and expanding the existing collaboration. Several Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) were signed between the two countries to enhance cooperation in political, economic and cultural fields. Both countries complement each other in different sectors. How can Madagascar open up opportunities for Mauritius? 

Work from Home

Wider Horizons for Workers and Entrepreneurs

Work from home, or telecommuting, is now gaining ground among both employees and entrepreneurs.  Working from home offers many advantages, but the absence of an appropriate legislative framework so far hindered the development of this concept in Mauritius. However, the Government has finally promulgated the relevant regulations, thus giving force to the measure announced in the 2018/2019 budget in June 2018. 

Women empowerment

Low-interest Unsecured Loans for SMEs

Last week, on the occasion of the International Women’s Day, the Prime Minister Pravind Kumar Jugnauth announced the introduction of a new Scheme for women entrepreneurs. Women wishing to launch their own enterprises will now benefit from a low-interest unsecured loan from the Development Bank of Mauritius. 

Nandini Harrah

A Saviour for Stray Dogs

Her love for animals holds no barrier and she is strongly against the ill-treatment of stray dogs. Nandini Harrah, 25, has become the voice of these disadvantaged creatures and she is striving to change mindsets in the country. She shares her affection for animals and her views on the killing of stray dogs with News on Sunday. 

news on sunday


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