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Voici la Une de News On Sunday de ce vendredi 31 août 2018

Credit Cards

The Saviour or a Debt Trap?

258,056 credit cards are in circulation as at June 2018. Going cashless surely helps us in our everyday life but at the same time, swiping the cards constantly and unconsciously can trap you into a vicious circle on financial instability. Are credit cards turning the new generation into money spending slaves, encouraging them to lead a lavish, deluxe lifestyle without any thought of saving for tomorrow?   

Social entrepreneurship

Last Day for Seeking NCSR Funding

Today, Friday 31st August 2018 is the last day for registered NGOs to submit their projects to the National CSR Foundation in order to apply for funding. Last year, the Foundation approved 231 projects and disbursed some Rs 200 million.

Dr. Robin Nunkoo: “Climate change is the biggest threat to sustainable tourism, threating the survival of the tourism industry”

An Associate Professor in the Department of Management and the Head of the International Center for Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality at the University of Mauritius, Dr Robin Nunkoo explains that the tourism sector is doing well but there is need for a long-term strategy. In light with the shark’s attacks, he believes that there is a need for the authorities to conduct scientific studies to monitor shark movements on a longitudinal basis.


Young Mauritian Women Dare to Showcase Original Concepts

They merged their talents that gave way to their creativity and subsequently launched their own business. Sisters Melissa and Karuna Veerapen launched their clothing brand Kotpiale three years ago. The budding businesswomen share with News on Sunday their journey into the entrepreneurship world and how they are coping with their family business.

Chelsea Ing Seng Ah Yuen

Aiming for an International Career in Music

At only eighteen, Chelsea Ing Seng Ah Yuen is one of the youngest and most promising local female singers. Known as Afro-Jaune, her stage name, she has already released her first solo album which includes thirteen titles. The singer aspires to earn a reputation as a singer both on the local and international scene.

World of Education

Earn a Certificate with Online Courses

Age is no bar for those who have a zeal for studies. Who wants to learn about something specific? Usually, when the topic of education crops up, the resources are endless in the world of internet, with high quality content available completely free of cost.



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