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Voici la Une de News on Sunday de ce Vendredi 19 Juillet 2019

Financing of political parties

Pumping ethics into politics

The financing of political parties has been under intense debates during the past few weeks. The Political Financing Bill has not been voted in the National Assembly, as a three-quarter majority was not reached. The Bill intends to regulate political donors and electoral expenditure.

Nasrine Faucheux: “Women entrepreneurship is clearly on the rise”

Certified Academic Coach and Career and Professional Development Consultant, Nasrine Faucheux, provides innovative career guidance. Her company Orient’U has a completely different approach on cognitive sciences, coaching & digital tools. In this interview, she elaborates on entrepreneurship, career opportunities and lack of guidance among the young generation.

Indian Ocean island Games 2019

Playing field for business

The D-Day for the most awaiting sport events is here. It is not only a memorable moment for sportspersons but also a lucrative business for traders of different sectors. From small traders to big ones, they are all earning additional revenue at this period of the year, where business is usually slow. Another interesting phenomenon is online business that has escalated new heights.

Celebrating the Games

Mauritian euphoria at its peak

It is the biggest sports event of the year and thousands of Mauritians would not want to miss the thrill of the Indian Ocean Island Games for anything. Enthusiasm has been reigning supreme among the young as well as the old, who are impatiently waiting for the opening ceremony of the Indian Ocean Island Games (IOIG 2019). News on Sunday has gauged the feelings of several personalities and especially about how they plan to enjoy the Games.

Hansraj Seechurn

Endorsing aquaponics for a healthy living 

Touted as the future of agriculture, a consultant and designer, Hansraj Seechurn has set up a system of aquaponics at his home in Quatre Bornes. A system which he described as representing the future and adopting a healthy life. Since three years now, this young man is practicing aquaponics and he is doing it with expertise and foresight.

Traditional Medicine

A balanced treatment as per individual needs

Traditional medicine has been used across the world for a wide range of health issues, starting from minor ailments to major life-threatening diseases. It has always been looked upon as playing a significant role in health care. In Mauritius, too, people have been turning towards traditional medicine for a long time. Acupuncture, moxibustion and shiatsu are three common methods we make you discover this week.

Joshila Dhaby

An ecologically engaged artist

Creative, passionate and an advocate of ecology, Joshila Dhaby launched her very first solo exhibition during the month of June with ecology and youth at its heart. The street artist shares with us her colourful pathway and also her commitment in the sustainable development issue.

Group A – Mauritius 1-1 Seychelles

The Patel Boys under pressure

Mauritius was held to a draw (1-1) at home for its first match of the Indian Ocean Island Games against Seychelles. This means that the Patel Boys will need to win against Madagascar next Monday to ensure that they qualify for the semi-finals.



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