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Salon de La Famille launches on Friday

Salon de La Famille is opening its door on Friday 1st April till Sunday 3rd April 2016 at Swami Vivekananda International Convention Centre (SVICC), Pailles. Le Salon de La Famille is all set to conquer the hearts of the visitors for its 4th Edition. The opening will be done by Minister of Tourism Xavier-Luc Duval on Friday. This year the main theme will be health, beauty, wellness, nutrition, education and leisure. This year Salon de La Famille will innovate with the introduction of a health corner. Agarwal Eye hospital and Mathieu Opticien will be present. The Wellness corner will have products and services related to wellness and beauty.The nutrition cornerwill concentrate on health and counselling, diet and nutrition.The Education stands will bring together various institutions which will shed lights on various queries parents and youngsters have. In the leisure corner there will be parks giving all families the opportunities to spend together and choose the activities they want to do. There will an Atrium dedicated to a multitude of activities. The Atrium will be full of exciting activities throughout the duration of the exhibition. The children will be able to enjoy themselves and more on spot surprises to discover!
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