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Reena Devi Kissoon-Leste: Two times award winner

This passionate business woman has won two awards: Winner of MyBiz logo competition and 2nd runner up of the JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award 2015. She epitomizes hard work, patience and success. Reena Devi Kissoon-Leste is an role model for the young ladies who inspire to be independent and assertive. Set up in 2006, Ree Designing Kraze Ltd (RDKL) is active in several domains, ranging simple logo design to organising corporate seminars. It offers a plethora of services like Corporate Identity, Web Design, Adverts (Online/print), Magazine & Newspaper, Posters, Flyers, Brochures, Banners, Billboards, Signage, Packaging, Corporate Events/seminars and Team Building. The company was born at a time when Reena’s life was chaotic and her husband advised and supported her to start her own business. “Ever since I finished my studies in Design, I have dreamt of working from home and looking after my child,” she says.
[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"8046","attributes":{"class":"media-image wp-image-14109 alignleft","typeof":"foaf:Image","style":"","width":"238","height":"198","alt":"Reena"}}]]About Reena Reena is married and mother of a girl. She did Art and Design Foundation, and Graphic Design Diploma at the Fashion and Design Institute in Ebene. She is currently completing her Top-Up Degree. She is also a member of the organisation Women in Politics. She is also the Vice President of the Innovation for ‘Le Club des Entrepreneurs’ which will soon unveil.
      Uniqueness of the company RDKL is a one-stop-shop and is innovative in the design field. Designers and marketing agents work from their own place reducing transport rent and related costs to in-house staff. Clients can benefit from high quality service at a lower cost. The aim of RDKL is to make sure that all start-ups have a decent logo and business card to start with. RDKL has made its presence felt not only in Mauritius but across the US, UK, Scotland, Mexico, Canada and Ireland. Challenges Reena started RDKL with just her personal computer. “At some points, finance can be a big hurdle. With the launching of MyBiz, I sincerely hope small entrepreneurs like me will see light at the end of the tunnel. You come across different types of people/clients. Some who are there to support and motivate you, others who simply use you. There is no such thing as gratitude, no matter how hard you have tried for them; some will eventually turn their back on you because there is always someone else who can do it at lower prices. And this is what brings me to what I call ‘backyard’ designers. Being able to handle a few softwares does not make you a designer. There is always someone who can do poor quality work at a lower price. There is a heavy load of work behind the scenes,” she reveals. An entrepreneur’s life For Reena, as an entrepreneur, it has never been easy, especially when you are alone, but it was a choice. “Over the years, I have gone through a lot to keep RDKL alive, sacrifices, tears, moments of despair but the constant support of my husband kept me going. There have been moments, such as the time when my child was in clinic and I was working beside her bed to respect deadlines...moments where I was breastfeeding in one arm and holding my mouse with the other, the phone stuck to my ears, correcting artwork,” she confides. Her success, she owes it to the encouragement many gave her. “My parents allowed me to study art and design and I’m very thankful to them. My husband has been with me all the time. Many people have been there for me when I needed them,” she adds. Women can definitely do much more, she says and encourages them to forge ahead and launch their business. “Don’t let anyone stop you from trying. If you have a dream, go for it. You will never know if you will succeed unless you try,” she advises.
Quick Bio
  • Favourite Artist: A writer, Christopher Pike
  • Favourite destination: I hate taking planes but love Rodrigues
  • Hobby: Reading, Writing, Painting, Recycling Craft
  • One thing you love: Watching films at home with Tasya & Michel
  • One thing you hate: Hypocrites!
  • Reena in one word: Crazy!

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