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A National Water Safety Council to prevent drowning incidents to be set up in Mauritius

A National Water Safety Council to prevent drowning incidents to be set up in Mauritius

A National Water Safety Council will be set up, based on the Australian model, with the aim to sensitise Mauritians and implement all necessary precautions to prevent drowning at sea, in rivers, and swimming pools, announced the Prime Minister, Mr Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, this morning at the Beau Bassin Sports Complex.


The Prime Minister was speaking at the launching ceremony of the Holistic Education Programme (swimming in schools) which is a major part of the reform project for Mauritius’ learning sector, the Nine Year Continuous Basic Education (NYCBE).  Swimming kits were also presented to children present at the event.  After the handing-over ceremony, the Prime Minister proceeded to the Serge Alfred Swimming Pool, at the same venue, where children demonstrated their swimming skills.

Speaking about the introduction of swimming in schools, Mr Jugnauth stressed that this represents the first step towards the provision of a different type of education as education does not limit itself to academics only, with a race to learn English, French, Mathematics and Science.  This race in fact limits the development of children, he pointed out, emphasising that children must grow up as adults who have had a well-balanced education, but in addition, who have had the opportunity to develop their skills since they represent the only wealth of Mauritius, that is, its human capital.

According to the Prime Minister, a responsible Government must be capable of offering to children a well-structured education system and one which fits within the framework of ongoing changes at the international level.  The reform being brought to the learning sector is fundamental, where in fact equal chances are being offered to all children along with opportunities to succeed.  Ultimately, it will also depend on the efforts that children will put in their school career, Mr Jugnauth said.  The reform is also a revolution that will allow education to acquire its true value and significance and results of the reform will show its results in the next 5-10 to 15 years, he added.

The Minister of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research, Mrs Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun, said that education remains the foundation of economic, cultural and social progress and that is why Government has always given the necessary financial means, with a budget allocation of some Rs 17 billion, to support the sector’s development and of making the reform in that sector a reality.

This reform, to the tune of Rs 2 billion, is ensuring that all Mauritian children obtain quality education and that they develop all their talents and potential so that, in the end, when they leave this system, they become young people who are able to think critically, find solutions to problems, but also contribute to the development of their country as responsible citizens with values, stressed Mrs Dookun-Luchoomun.

Also present at the launching ceremony, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr Stephan Toussaint, stated that Government is working, through the introduction of the Holistic Education Programme, to ensure the overall welfare of the Mauritian child and this is what is most important.  He appealed to children to be serious in their studies but also to give them the time to practice a sports discipline, given the relevance it holds for their own personal development.


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