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Nando Bodha: “First motorcycle school to open in July”

Nando Bodha: “First motorcycle school to open in July”



The first school for motorcycle riders will be operational in July. This was announced by Public Infrastructure Minister Nando Bodha on Thursday, April 20, at the launch of a workshop on the Road Safety Audit. He explained that motorcyclists will have to obtain an attestation after their theoretical and practical training to be able to take the exam. He said about 7,000 motorcyclists could be trained each year. “There will be five motorcycle schools. At the end of the course, the learner will obtain a certificate attesting that he has completed 30 hours of theoretical and practical course and this will allow him to pass the test. 8,000 motorcyclists are affected by road accidents and we will ensure that they take remedial courses. We will also make a request for CSR Funding to be allocated to road safety to better carry out our awareness campaigns and trainings,” said Nando Bodha.


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