Législatives 2019

Constituency - No. 4 : cordial atmosphere throughout the day

Polling day in Constituency No. 4 took place in a cordial atmosphere even though a few isolated incidents have been registered. Voters of Port Louis North and Montagne Longue were out in numbers after lunch where a high participation rate was recorded between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.  However, the absenteeism rate (more than 30%) was pointed out by several candidates. L’Alliance Nationale candidate Pradeep Jeeha said the absenteeism rate was a cause for concern. “We have to wait till the end. Our political agents have doubled their efforts though,” he said.  His two other running mates, Mireille Martin and Aurore Perraud, were also present in the different voting centres.

Taking part in the general elections for the first time, former radio animator, Subashnee L. Roy, said she was very satisfied with the way the polling day took place. “I am very confident that my running mates and I will make it through. Throughout the campaign, we have received a warm welcome by the inhabitants. During the voting day, we had a very good feeling,” she confides. Her two running mates, Joe Lesjongard and Joanne Tour, also claimed that L’Alliance Morisien will come out victorious in Constituency No 4.

Otherwise, among the incidents which occurred, one voter namely Anwar Figue claimed that an officer at the voting centre had misplaced the National ID Card of his wife. As such, she was not able to cast her vote. “I have lodged a complaint to the Presiding Officer,” he told News On Sunday.

Number of electors : 48 918
Voters Turnout : 35 782
Percentage of abstention : 24.9%

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