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[Blog] Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC): research on COVID -19

Dr Atchia

The idea of a series of projects on COVID-19 was launched by myself as Chairman and Dr Gopaul as OIC of the Council in March 2020. The devoted scientific team at MRIC developed the project, working on-line and through daily zoom conferences: an excellent example of work done during confinement without face-to-face contact and physical presence at the Office. We expected a dozen or so or responses but got a whopping 252 applications! Our independent review panel selected the first 20 or so projects and these were approved by Council for immediate implementation.

The result will surely be a contribution of Mauritius to the world-wide efforts to better understand and fight the pandemic.

On 22 June by decision of Cabinet a new Chairman, some new Council members, and a new Executive Director on contract were installed.

Glad to note (Le Mauricien, 8th July and Le Defi, 18th July) that the new team at MRIC are pushing ahead with this vital project. The strategy of MRC then MRIC which has been developed over the last few years, from the time of  Dr Suddhoo as ED and self as Chairman, is to undertake applied research, with as objective practical applications, new products and creation of new jobs, rather than academic research. It is interesting that the newly named Chairman of MRIC (Dr Sukon) stated these existing and well anchored strategies as what he wishes for the future. The wheel is not being reinvented, but continuity will be ensured!

Dr Michael ATCHIA

(Chairman MRIC, 2018- June 2020)


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