[Blog] It is best to look for ways to save every drop of water

Despite being a natural source of utility, water remains a cause of deprivation for almost all individuals being on this planet. Water is a major issue not only in Mauritius, but around the world, even in the richest countries. Here in Mauritius, all of the water reserves and dams are nearly emptied; just a few volumes of water remain, most likely insufficient to serve the inhabitants.

It is not that there is no rain at all, but the small amount of rain is clearly insufficient since there was not much rain in December 2022. It is best to look for ways to save every drop of water rather than criticising this or that, they or them. Yes, rain is free, but not the water bill. Some people use water cautiously, with several considerations, in concern about having to pay a huge amount of money, whereas others do not care and use it as if it is free and unlimited. They pay for it and have total freedom to use it whenever they want, yet many exaggerate. 

Water is used in a variety of ways, including cooking, cleaning, bathing, and drinking. Plants, like humans and animals, require water. Many people use water to clean the pavement or their walls; nothing wrong with that, but it should be done once every two months or so, not three or four times a month. That is a significant waste of water. Many people drink tap water, while others drink bottled water, yet the sole source of water is the one which falls from the sky: rivers, ponds, and waterfalls are sources of water but rain is the creator of the mentioned places (rivers etc).

We must not misuse water, otherwise, it will bring us issues. Place a water barrel outside; if it rains, the water will be collected and may be utilized for a wide range of purposes, including vehicle washing and cleaning. People who work in fields or who use a lot of water can profit from this strategy in so many ways that I can't keep up. My goal is to convince you that water is valuable and that you should know how to use it. Last summer, UNICEF reported that more than 71% of Lebanon's population was facing serious water shortages. Many more countries have encountered or are facing this problem every year, therefore let us be responsible and use water wisely, as it is absolutely vital. 


Dishali Ramdenee


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