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[Blog] The 2-State solution: ISRAEL AND PALESTINE

Dr Michael Atchia

In a few days, Israel is due to expand the Israeli state into much of Palestine.


Palestine is recognised by the United Nations as the world's 194th state but Israel is simply taking large parts of it over, in violation of international law. 

An international civic action group describes the result thus:  “Israel is leaving bits of land to Palestinians; Palestinians would effectively be left with pockets of land, while besieged within walls and military towers. Palestine will look like Swiss cheese; an impossible state to live in, function, and govern”.

This is a most illegitimate action and must be opposed by the international community.  Both have the right to exist, with land on which their people can live peacefully. Several UN Resolutions have explicitly and directly recognised such right. Mauritius, successful so far in its fight to recover the Chagos, in the defense of the rights of Chagossians to their land, can give a strong lead to support Palestine.

Dr Michael Atchia


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