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Anu Jugessur : lady entrepreneur taking up challenges for success  

Endowed with compassion, Anu Jugessur, the director of Chic Lady Hair and Nail Lounge, is a successful lady in the beauty and wellness sector. She possesses a positive attitude needed to drive an idea from conception to realization. Her attitude has allowed her to emerge and make a difference in the lives of people. 


Since November, Anu Jugessur has opened a new outlet in Quatre Bornes to cater for the needs and demands of her increasing client portfolio. Married and mother of a three-year-old son, Anu Jugessur never gets tired of bringing innovations to her work. She reveals that during her teenage years, she has always been passionate with hair and beauty which later turned out to be her career choice. “My primary aim is to give to my clients a personalised and tailor-made service based on their taste and morphology when it comes to hair style. Additionally, I always make sure that my customers get a satisfactory service, irrespective of their available budget. Seeing my clients leaving with a smile on their face gives me with a sense of fulfilment and enthusiasm.”

She offers a range of services such as hair-cut, blow-dry, coloring, smoothening, facial threading, waxing and nail gel polish. She confides that while being in the UK, she had the chance to manage a beauty parlour specialized in eyebrows threading and tint. “I have introduced an innovative service, which is eyebrows tinting in my second beauty parlour in Quatre Bornes.”   

However, the entrepreneur states that with the increasing number of operators in this sector, it becomes quite challenging to maintain a sustainable growth in customer base compared to a decade back. “The challenges can be overcome by focusing on factors such as listening to and understanding customer requirements, responsive to customer demands, maintain consistency in service quality and provide a calm, comfortable as well as cosy environment.” 

Career pathway 

After her secondary studies, she decided to go for a career in the cosmetology industry and she was encouraged through the support provided by her parents, who motivated her to embrace this field.

The challenges can be overcome by focusing on factors such as listening to and understanding customer requirements, responsive to customer demands, maintain consistency in service quality and provide a calm, comfortable as well as cosy environment."

At the age of 18, she enrolled herself in a hair-dressing course for a duration of 15 months. She then followed a course in skin and hair therapy in a reputable beauty institution in India. She worked in a beauty parlour for one year. She then decided to launch her own parlour in Flacq. She later embarked on a new prospect: Travelling to the UK to enhance her knowledge. Last year, she opened her new outlet in Quatre Bornes. 

Upcoming projects

Having an entrepreneurial approach, Anu does not intend to stop here. In the short term, she reveals that the plan is to create awareness of Chic Lady Hair and Nail Lounge and expand her customer base. “In the longer term, I would like to grow the business and extend my services by opening more outlets in different places.”

Beauty tips 

The beauty specialist provides the readers with some beauty tips. She enumerates the following: 

  • It is essential to protect and take care of our skin during summer time. Frequent application of sunblock is highly recommended, especially when exposed to direct sunlight. For example, application of SPF 50 would be ideal.  
  • It is equally important to keep the skin healthy and hydrated by drinking 2 to 3 litres of water per day.
  • Some hair products can eliminate split ends. While these are inevitable, we cannot eliminate them completely. Oils and serums are there for improving the situation, but the real remedy for split ends is a haircut.
  • Always file your nails in the same direction, allowing your nails to grow faster and longer. Filing from both directions on one nail can lead to breakage and peeling.
  • Party Makeup – it has to be right. Put on the eye shadow first. Then apply your foundation and any other make-up you want to wear. This way you know that any loose eye shadow won’t fall in those places you don’t want it.
  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption, alcohol dehydrates you and can leave your skin dry, grey and dull.
  • Healthy hair – wash regularly, choose a conditioner for your hair’s specific type (coloured, dry, oily, etc.). A good conditioner is essential to keep your hair hydrated and protected against damaging elements like the sun and pollution.
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